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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
3D underwater gait analysis: comparison among 3 different protocols. 2015 SAWACHA, ZIMIMINELLE, FILIPPOCOBELLI, CLAUDIO + GAIT & POSTURE - -
A fluoroscopic gold standard for the evaluation of marker-based protocols for in vivo foot kinematics 2012 Z. Sawacha + GAIT & POSTURE - -
A multidisciplinary approach to diabetic foot pathology 2012 SAWACHA, ZIMIF. SpolaorGUIOTTO, ANNAMARIAAVOGARO, ANGELOCOBELLI, CLAUDIO + GAIT & POSTURE - -
A protocol for postural analysis in diabetics patients. 2007 SAWACHA, ZIMIAVOGARO, ANGELOCOBELLI, CLAUDIO + GAIT & POSTURE - proceedings Siamoc 2007
Abnormal activation of knee and ankle flexors-exstensors is related to transmission changes in ankylosing spondilytis gait pattern? 2009 GUIOTTO AMASIERO, STEFANO + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Abnormal activation of knee and ankle flexors-extensors is related to transmission changes in ankylosing spondylitis gait pattern? 2009 SAWACHA, ZIMIGUIOTTO, ANNAMARIADEL DIN, SILVIAMASIERO, STEFANOCOBELLI, CLAUDIO + GAIT & POSTURE - GAIT AND POSTURE
Abnormal muscle activation during gait in diabetes patients withand without neuropathy 2012 SAWACHA, ZIMISpolaor FAVOGARO, ANGELOCOBELLI, CLAUDIO + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Alterations in surface EMG during gait in children with Fragile X Syndrome 2020 Sawacha Z.Spolaor F.Piatkowska W.Cibin F.Pavan D.Guiotto A.Polli R.Murgia A. + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Analysis of integrated plantar pressure-force kinematics in diabetics. 2006 SAWACHA, ZIMI + GAIT & POSTURE - Proceedings Siamoc 2006, Empoli, Italia.
Are gait kinematics and muscle activity influenced by mosaicism type in Fragile X Syndrome? 2023 Spolaor, FabiolaGuiotto, AnnamariaPiatkowska, WeronikaDi Giorgio, ElisaPolli, RobertaMurgia, AlessandraSawacha, Zimi + GAIT & POSTURE - Gait & Posture
Assessment of diabetic neuropathic patients motor ability. 2008 SAWACHA, ZIMIAVOGARO, ANGELOCOBELLI, CLAUDIO + GAIT & POSTURE - GAIT and POSTURE
Balance impairment in kidney transplant recipients without concurrent peripheral neuropathy 2017 GOBBO, STEFANOBULLO, VALENTINAVENDRAMIN, BARBARADUREGON, FEDERICAFURIAN, LUCREZIASILVESTRE, CRISTINANEUNHAEUSERER, DANIELZACCARIA, MARCOBERGAMIN, MARCOERMOLAO, ANDREA + GAIT & POSTURE - Book of Abstract of the 22nd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science
Biomechanical analysis of the side cut in basketball athletes as noncontact ACL injury screening 2019 F. CibinD. PavanF. SpolaorZ. Sawacha + GAIT & POSTURE - -
A biomechanical screening tool for élite athletes after ACL surgery 2019 Cibin F.D. PavanA. GuiottoF. SpolaorZ. Sawacha + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Can laboratory based ACL screening efficiently portray on the field knee loading? A pilot study 2019 Ciniglio, A.Cibin, F.Pavan, D.Guiotto, A.Spolaor, F.Sawacha, Z. + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Can smart footwear contribute to the biomechanical analysis of lifting tasks in healthy and lower back pain affected subjects? 2019 A. GuiottoF. SpolaorF. CibinD. PavanZ. Sawacha GAIT & POSTURE - -
Centre of mass motion during stair negotiation in young and older men 2007 Narici, M. V. + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Changes in use of slow and fast twitch muscle fibers in diabetics with and without neuropathy during gait 2021 W. PiatkowskaF. SpolaorA. AvogaroZ. Sawacha + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Clinical walker-assisted gait analysis: methodological and instrumental approach 2011 PETRONE, NICOLA + GAIT & POSTURE - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 82
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