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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Applying machine learning EEG signal classification to emotion‑related brain anticipatory activity 2020 Bilucaglia, MarcoDuma, Gian MarcoMento, GiovanniSemenzato, LucaTressoldi, Patrizio F1000RESEARCH - -
Association of fat mass profile with natriuretic peptide receptor alpha in subcutaneous adipose tissue of medication-free healthy men: A cross-sectional study [version 2; referees: 2 approved] 2018 Granzotto, MarnieRossato, MarcoVettor, Roberto + F1000RESEARCH - -
Bioconductor workflow for single-cell rna sequencing: Normalization, dimensionality reduction, clustering, and lineage inference 2017 Risso, Davide + F1000RESEARCH - -
Brain-to-Brain (mind-to-mind) interaction at distance: a confirmatory study 2014 TRESSOLDI, PATRIZIO + F1000RESEARCH - -
Case Report: Paradoxical acrodermatitis of Hallopeau-like eruption following anti-IL-17 therapy 2019 Tadiotto Cicogna, GiuliaMessina, FrancescoSzekely, SerenaAlaibac, Mauro + F1000RESEARCH - -
EEG anticipation of random high and low arousal faces and sounds 2019 Duma, Gian MarcoMento, GiovanniSemenzato, LucaTressoldi, Patrizio F1000RESEARCH - -
EEG correlation at a distance: A re-analysis of two studies using a machine learning approach 2019 Tressoldi, Patrizio + F1000RESEARCH - -
Feeling the future: A meta-analysis of 90 experiments on the anomalous anticipation of random future events 2016 TRESSOLDI, PATRIZIO + F1000RESEARCH - -
An intrinsically disordered proteins community for elixir [version 1; peer review: 2 approved] 2019 Davey N. E.Dosztanyi Z.Elofsson A.Felli I. C.Gibson T. J.Hancock J. M.Necci M.Papaleo E.Pierattelli R.Piovesan D.Schuler B.Tompa P.Vranken W. F.Tosatto S. C. E. + F1000RESEARCH - -
Management of acute variceal hemorrhage 2019 Zanetto, Alberto + F1000RESEARCH - -
On the primacy and irreducible nature of first-person versus third-person information 2017 FACCO, ENRICOLUCANGELI, DANIELA + F1000RESEARCH - -
Predictive physiological anticipatory activity preceding seemingly unpredictable stimuli: An update of Mossbridge et al’s meta-analysis 2018 Tressoldi, Patrizio + F1000RESEARCH - -
Pupil dilation prediction of random events 2013 TRESSOLDI, PATRIZIOMARTINELLI, MASSIMILIANOSEMENZATO, LUCA F1000RESEARCH - -
Recent advances in understanding and managing liver transplantation 2016 RUSSO, FRANCESCO PAOLOFERRARESE, ALBERTOZANETTO, ALBERTO F1000RESEARCH - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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