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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Advances in catchment science through integrated hydrological modelling and monitoring 2021 Camporese M. + WATER - -
Application of the 3D Inverse Design Method in Reversible Pump Turbines and Francis Turbines 2023 Zanetti, GiacomoSiviero, MonicaCavazzini, Giovanna + WATER - -
Assessment of Reed Grasses (Phragmites australis) Performance in PFAS Removal from Water: A Phytoremediation Pilot Plant Study 2022 Santovito, GianfrancoBarausse, AlbertoBonato, Marco + WATER - -
Bridging the data gap in the water scarcity footprint by using crop-specific AWARE factors 2019 Manzardo A. + WATER - -
Canals vs. Streams: To What Extent Do Water Quality and Proximity Affect Real Estate Values? A Hedonic Approach Analysis 2016 De Noni I. + WATER - -
Channel adjustments in Iranian rivers: A review 2019 Surian N. + WATER - -
Channel changes and controlling factors over the past 150 years in the basento river (southern Italy) 2020 Surian N. + WATER - -
Characterization of the corrosive action of mineral waters from thermal sources: A case study at Azores archipelago, Portugal 2015 Fernandez-Perez B. M. + WATER - -
Coastal Flooding Hazard Due to Overflow Using a Level II Method: Application to the Venetian Littoral 2019 Favaretto, ChiaraMartinelli, LucaRuol, Piero WATER - -
Coordination and Participation Boards under the European Water Framework Directive: Different Approaches Used in Some EU Countries 2019 Emilia PellegriniLucia BortoliniEdi Defrancesco WATER - -
Correction of ERA5 Wind for Regional Climate Projections of Sea Waves 2022 Favaretto, Chiara + WATER - -
Correction:A Spatial Structure Variable Approach to Characterize Storm Events for Coastal Flood Hazard Assessment(Water, (2021), 13, (2556), 10.3390/w13182556) 2022 Favaretto C.Martinelli L.Ruol P. WATER - -
Design of terrace drainage networks using UAV-based high-resolution topographic data 2019 Anton PijlGiulia RoderGiulia SofiaPaolo Tarolli + WATER - -
Digestate liquid fraction treatment with filters filled with recovery materials 2021 Piccoli I.Maucieri C.Borin M. + WATER - -
Effect of Animal Burrows on the Vulnerability of Levees to Concentrated Erosion 2022 Francesca CeccatoStefano MalvestioPaolo Simonini WATER - -
Effect of Incident Rainfall Redistribution by Maize Canopy on Soil Moisture at the Crop Row Scale 2015 MARTELLO, MARCODAL FERRO, NICOLABORTOLINI, LUCIAMORARI, FRANCESCO WATER - -
Effect of Mo.S.E. Closures on Wind Waves in the Venetian Lagoon: In Situ and Numerical Analyses 2022 Favaretto ChiaraVolpato Matteo + WATER - -
Ensemble Kalman Filter Assimilation of ERT Data for Numerical Modeling of Seawater Intrusion in a Laboratory Experiment 2018 Crestani, ElenaSalandin, PaoloCamporese, Matteo + WATER - -
Flooding of Piazza San Marco (Venice): Physical model tests to evaluate the overtopping discharge 2020 Ruol P.Favaretto C.Volpato M.Martinelli L. WATER - -
Hazard Assessment under Multivariate Distributional Change-Points: Guidelines and a Flood Case Study 2018 durante, fabrizioMauro Bernardi + WATER - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 62
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