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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
SDGs in corporate responsibility reporting: a longitudinal investigation of institutional determinants and financial performance 2023 Galeazzo A. + THE JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE - -
At the crossroad between IIoT and Job Design in production work units 2022 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea FurlanAndrea Vinelli + - - Brilliance in resilience: operations and supply chain management’s role in achieving a sustainable future
At the crossroad between IIoT and Job Design in production work units 2022 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea FurlanAndrea Vinelli + - - Redesigning networks and supply chains in times of transition Developing research and education in Management Engineering
Industry 4.0 technologies and circular economy: The mediating role of supply chain integration 2022 Di Maria, EleonoraDe Marchi, ValentinaGaleazzo, Ambra BUSINESS STRATEGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - -
A human-centric approach to IIoT integration in workers’ job designs 2021 Vendraminelli LGaleazzo A.Furlan, A.Vinelli, A. - - A human-centric approach to IIoT integration in workers’ job designs
Performance feedback and proactive work behavior: when digital performance feedback works in the shopfloor 2021 Vendraminelli, L.Galeazzo, A.Furlan, A.Vinelli, A. - - Managing the “new normal”: The future of Operations and Supply Chain Management in unprecedented times
Green procurement and financial performance in the tourism industry: the moderating role of tourists’ green purchasing behaviour 2021 Galeazzo A. + CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM - -
The role of employees' participation and managers' authority on continuous improvement and performance 2021 Galeazzo A.Furlan A.Vinelli A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS & PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT - -
The CSR–CFP relationship in the presence of institutional voids and the moderating role of family ownership 2021 Galeazzo A. + ASIAN BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT - -
Degree of leanness and lean maturity: exploring the effects on financial performance 2021 Galeazzo A. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS EXCELLENCE - -
Business models and sustainable firms: a focus on B Corps in Italy 2020 Eleonora Di MariaValentina De MarchiAmbra GaleazzoElena Bonel - - Electronic Conference Proceedings of Sinergie - Sima Management Conference Grand challenges: companies and universities working for a better society
Industrial Internet of Things and job characteristics in production lines: an empirical analysis 2020 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea FurlanLuca VendraminelliAndrea Vinelli + - - Managing Operations for Impact - Proceedings of the 27th EurOMA Conference -
Coordinating Knowledge Creation: A Systematic Literature Review on the Interplay Between Operational Excellence and Industry 4.0 Technologies 2020 Miandar toloueGaleazzo AmbraFurlan Andrea - - Knowledge Management and Industry 4.0. New Paradigms for Value Creation
Developing operational problem solvers: the role of job design decisions 2020 Galeazzo A.Furlan A. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS EXCELLENCE - -
The role of organizational context and top-down decision making on continuous improvement and performance 2019 Galeazzo A.Furlan A.Vinelli A. - - "Operations adding value to society"
Good problem solvers? Leveraging knowledge sharing mechanisms and management support 2019 Galeazzo A.Furlan A. JOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - -
Modelli di business nelle imprese ad alto tasso di sostenibilità: un focus su b corp e società benefit in Italia 2019 De Marchi, ValentinaDi Maria, EleonoraGaleazzo, Ambra ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE. OLTRE IL PONTE - -
Continuous Improvement: A Tension between Performance Management and Social Support 2019 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea FurlanAndrea Vinelli - - POMS Annual Conference Proceedings
Job satisfaction in plants of the Veneto region: how can be incentivized? 2019 galeazzo ambra ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE - -
Organizational and perceived learning in the workplace: A multilevel perspective on employees' problem solving 2019 Furlan A.Galeazzo A.Paggiaro A. ORGANIZATION SCIENCE - -
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