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Numerical modeling as a tool for evaluating the renewability of geothermal resources: the case study of the Euganean Geothermal System (NE Italy) 2022 Leonardo PiccininiDario ZampieriPaolo Fabbri + ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH - -
Probability of Non-Exceedance of Arsenic Concentration in Groundwater Estimated Using Stochastic Multicomponent Reactive Transport Modeling 2021 Leonardo PiccininiPaolo Fabbri + WATER - -
Modeling and Simulating Depositional Sequences Using Latent Gaussian Random Fields 2021 Paolo FabbriCarlo Gaetan + MATHEMATICAL GEOSCIENCES - -
Subsoil Reconstruction in Geostatistics beyond Kriging: A Case Study in Veneto (NE Italy) 2020 Paolo FabbriCarlo GaetanNico Dalla Libera + HYDROLOGY - -
3D hydrogeological reconstruction of the fault-controlled Euganean Geothermal System (NE Italy) 2020 Filippo TorresanLeonardo PiccininiDario ZampieriPaolo Fabbri + ENGINEERING GEOLOGY - -
Defining the hydrogeological behavior of karst springs through an integrated analysis: a case study in the Berici Mountains area (Vicenza, NE Italy) 2020 Filippo TorresanPaolo FabbriLeonardo PiccininiNico Dalla LiberaMarco PolaDario Zampieri HYDROGEOLOGY JOURNAL - -
Tracer test to assess flow and transport parameters of an earth slide: The Montecagno landslide case study (Italy) 2020 Leonardo PiccininiPaolo Fabbri + ENGINEERING GEOLOGY - -
Conceptual Model of Arsenic Mobility in the Shallow Alluvial Aquifers Near Venice (Italy) Elucidated Through Machine Learning and Geochemical Modeling 2020 Nico Dalla LiberaLeonardo MasonLeonardo PiccininiPaolo Fabbri + WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH - -
Fault Control on a Thermal Anomaly: Conceptual and Numerical Modeling of a Low‐Temperature Geothermal System in the Southern Alps Foreland Basin (NE Italy) 2020 Paolo FabbriLeonardo PiccininiDario ZampieriFilippo Torresan + JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. SOLID EARTH - -
Assessing of arsenic controlling factors in the alluvial aquifer nearby Venice lagoon (NE, Italy) 2019 Dalla Libera N.Fabbri P.Mason L.Piccinini L. + - - EGU General Assembly 2019
Slope and groundwater monitoring for 3D numerical modelling to ensure the structural health of an alpine road tunnel crossing an active rock slide 2019 Giulia BossiPaolo FabbriLeonardo Piccinini + - - TERRAENVISION2019
Implication of geological heterogeneity on the distribution of dissolved arsenic in an alluvial aquifer in Italy evaluated using a 3D multicomponent reactive transport model 2019 Dalla Libera N.Fabbri P.Mason L.Piccinini L. + - - XLVI I.A.H. Congress 2019
A three-dimensional multicomponent reactive transport model to assess the role of subsurface heterogeneity on arsenic mobility in the shallow aquifer of the Venetian Alluvial Plain 2019 Dalla Libera N.Fabbri P.Mason L.Piccinini L. + - - Flowpath2019
A detailed geological reconstruction as a tool for the reliable numerical model implementation: The Euganean Geothermal System case study (NE Italy) 2019 Torresan F.Piccinini L.Fabbri P.Zampieri D. + - - Flowpath2019
From a geological reconstruction to a representative numerical model implementation: the case of Euganean Geothermal System (NE Italy) 2018 Torresan F.Piccinini L.Fabbri P.Zampieri D. + - - GIT Geoscienze e Tecnologie Informatiche e SI Idrogeologia
The conceptual model validation by 3D numerical model: the first steps for the sustainable thermal water exploitation in the Euganean Geothermal Field (NE Italy). 2018 Torresan F.Piccinini L.Fabbri P.Pola M.ZampieriD. + - - XLV I.A.H. Congress
A local natural background level concept to improve the natural background level: a case study on the drainage basin of the Venetian Lagoon in Northeastern Italy 2018 Nico Dalla LiberaPaolo FabbriLeonardo MasonLeonardo PiccininiMarco Pola ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCES - -
Coastal aquifers and groundwater salinization: an overview of the shallow aquifers in the Venetian coastal plain (NE, Italy) 2018 Fabbri P.Di Sipio E.Zangheri P. + - - XLV I.A.H. Congress
Characterization and modeling of arsenic occurrence in the alluvial aquifer nearby Venice lagoon (NE, Italy) 2018 Dalla Libera N.Fabbri P.Tateo F.Mason L.Piccinini L.Pola M. + - - XLV I.A.H. Congress
A latent Gaussian approach for modeling geological sequences: model, inference and conditional simulation 2017 GAETAN, CARLOFabbri P. + - - 27th Annual Conference of International Environmetrics Society
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 147
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