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Postoperative Hypoparathyroidism 2024 Iacobone, MaurizioTorresan, Francesca - UPDATES IN SURGERY SERIES Thyroid Surgery
CT Texture Analysis of Adrenal Pheochromocytomas: A Pilot Study 2023 Crimi', FilippoTorresan, FrancescaIacobone, MaurizioTizianel, IreneScaroni, CarlaQuaia, EmilioCampi, CristinaCeccato, Filippo + CURRENT ONCOLOGY - -
The role of procalcitonin in the follow-up of medullary thyroid cancer 2023 Manso, JacopoIacobone, MaurizioMondin, AlbertoTorresan, FrancescaBasso, DanielaMian, Caterina + EUROPEAN THYROID JOURNAL - -
Total adrenalectomy versus subtotal adrenalectomy for bilateral pheochromocytoma: meta-analysis 2023 Schiavone, DonatellaTorresan, FrancescaRossi, Gian PaoloIacobone, Maurizio + BJS OPEN - -
Water and Electrolyte Content in Salt-Dependent HYpertension in the SKIn (WHYSKI): Effect of Surgical Cure of Primary Aldosteronism 2023 Torresan, FrancescaZanin, SofiaCaputo, IlariaCaroccia, BrasilinaIacobone, MaurizioRossi, Gian Paolo + HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE & CARDIOVASCULAR PREVENTION - -
Tumor Grade and Molecular Characteristics Associated with Survival in Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma 2023 Galuppini, FrancescaManso, JacopoMondin, AlbertoIacobone, MaurizioTorresan, FrancescaMerante Boschin, IsabellaBertazza, LorisBarollo, SusiPennelli, GianmariaMian, Caterina + THYROID - -
Validation of miRNAs as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, and possible therapeutic targets in medullary thyroid cancers 2023 Mondin, AlbertoBertazza, LorisBarollo, SusiManso, JacopoBasso, DanielaMerante Boschin, IsabellaIacobone, MaurizioMian, Caterina + FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY - -
Long-Term Outcomes after Surgery for Pheochromocytoma and Sympathetic Paraganglioma 2023 Torresan, FrancescaSchiavone, DonatellaGaluppini, FrancescaCrimi FilippoCeccato, FilippoIacobone, Maurizio + CANCERS - -
Corticotropin-releasing hormone test predicts the outcome of unilateral adrenalectomy in primary bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia 2023 Tizianel, IAlbiger, NIacobone, MScaroni, CCeccato, F + JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGICAL INVESTIGATION - -
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for the Treatment of Hyperthyroidism: Approach to the Patient with Thyrotoxicosis or Antithyroid-Drugs Induced Agranulocytosis 2023 Tizianel, IreneSabbadin, ChiaraIacobone, MaurizioMian, CaterinaScaroni, CarlaCeccato, Filippo + JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE - -
Intraoperative Complications 2023 Torresan, FrancescaArmellin, ClaudiaIacobone, Maurizio - - Posterior Retroperitoneoscopic Adrenalectomy
Parathyroid Retrospective Analysis of Neoplasms Incidence (pTRANI Study): An Italian Multicenter Study on Parathyroid Carcinoma and Atypical Parathyroid Tumour 2023 Merante Boschin, IsabellaIacobone, Maurizio + JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE - -
Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on surgery for indeterminate thyroid nodules (THYCOVID): a retrospective, international, multicentre, cross-sectional study 2023 Iacobone, Maurizio + THE LANCET DIABETES & ENDOCRINOLOGY - -
Evolving Trends in the Management of Acute Appendicitis During COVID-19 Waves: The ACIE Appy II Study 2022 Iacobone M.Grossi U. + WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY - -
The Overall Survival and Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Advanced Adrenocortical Cancer Is Increased after the Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation 2022 Tizianel, IreneCaccese, MarioTorresan, FrancescaLombardi, GiuseppeEvangelista, LauraCrimì, FilippoSepulcri, MatteoIacobone, MaurizioPadovan, MartaGaluppini, FrancescaZagonel, VittorinaScaroni, CarlaCeccato, Filippo CANCERS - -
Overexpression of miR-375 and L-type Amino Acid Transporter 1 in Pheochromocytoma and Their Molecular and Functional Implications 2022 Manso J.Bertazza L.Barollo S.Mondin A.Censi S.Carducci S.Boschin I. M.Schiavi F.Gregianin M.Pennelli G.Iacobone M.Mian C. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Prophylactic and Early Thyroidectomy in RET Germline Mutation Carriers in Pediatric and Adult Population: Long-Term Outcomes of a Series of 63 Patients 2022 Torresan, FrancescaCensi, SimonaPennelli, GianmariaGaluppini, FrancescaMian, CaterinaIacobone, Maurizio CANCERS - -
The GIP/GIPR axis in medullary thyroid cancer: clinical and molecular findings 2022 Regazzo, DanielaBertazza, LorisGalletta, EvaBarollo, SusiMondin, AlbertoIacobone, MaurizioZilio, EleonoraScaroni, CarlaRadu, Claudia Mariadi Benedetto, GiuliettaMian, CaterinaOcchi, Gianluca + ENDOCRINE-RELATED CANCER - -
Robot-assisted versus conventional laparoscopic adrenalectomy: Results from the EUROCRINE Surgical Registry 2022 Iacobone M. + SURGERY - -
Letter to editor on "Thirty-six-month results of laparoscopic-based renal denervation plus unilateral laparoscopic adrenalectomy for the treatment of patients with resistant hypertension caused by unilateral aldosterone-producing Adenoma" 2022 Schiavone, DonatellaIacobone, MaurizioRossi, Gian Paolo THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL HYPERTENSION - -
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