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Multiplexed MRM-based proteomics for identification of circulating proteins as biomarkers of cardiovascular damage progression associated with diabetes mellitus 2024 Ragazzi, EugenioLapolla, AnnunziataSartore, Giovanni + CARDIOVASCULAR DIABETOLOGY - -
Dysfunction in endocannabinoids, palmitoylethanolamide, and degradation of tryptophan into kynurenine in individuals with depressive symptoms 2024 Comai, StefanoRagazzi, Eugenio + BMC MEDICINE - -
Lipid profile in women of different ethnicity with gestational diabetes: Relationship with fetal growth 2024 Burlina, SilviaRagazzi, EugenioSartore, GiovanniLapolla, Annunziata + JOURNAL OF DIABETES INVESTIGATION - -
Is eGFR Slope a Novel Predictor of Chronic Complications of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2024 Sartore, GiovanniRagazzi, EugenioLapolla, Annunziata + JOURNAL OF DIABETES RESEARCH - -
Prospective In Vitro Comparison of Kerasave and Optisol-GS Corneal Storage Solutions 2023 Ragazzi, Eugenio + CORNEA - -
Comparison of Perfluorocarbon Liquids Cytotoxicity Tests: Direct Contact Versus the Test on Liquid Extracts 2023 Ragazzi, Eugenio + ACS OMEGA - -
Maintenance of intestinal epithelial barrier integrity by a combination of probiotics, herbal extract, and vitamins 2023 Giacomini, IsabellaTinazzi, MattiaRagazzi, EugenioMontopoli, Monica + MINERVA PEDIATRICS - -
Porcine Cornea Storage Ex Vivo Model as an Alternative to Human Donor Tissues for Investigations of Endothelial Layer Preservation 2023 Ferrari, StefanoCiciliot, StefanoRagazzi, Eugenio + TRANSLATIONAL VISION SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - -
Anti-diabetic combination therapy with pioglitazone or glimepiride added to metformin on the AGE-RAGE axis: a randomized prospective study 2023 Ragazzi, EugenioBurlina, SilviaCosma, ChiaraChilelli, Nino CristianoLapolla, AnnunziataSartore, Giovanni FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY - -
The Ankle-Brachial Index for assessing the prevalence of peripheral artery disease and cardiovascular risk in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2023 Giovanni SartoreRosaria CaprinoEugenio RagazziLorenza BianchiAnnunziata Lapolla + NMCD. NUTRITION METABOLISM AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES - -
Luteolin and Vernodalol as Bioactive Compounds of Leaf and Root Vernonia amygdalina Extracts: Effects on α-Glucosidase, Glycation, ROS, Cell Viability, and In Silico ADMET Parameters 2023 Djeujo, Francine MedjiofackRagazzi, EugenioFroldi, Guglielmina + PHARMACEUTICS - -
Long-term HbA1c variability and macro-/micro-vascular complications in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis update 2023 Sartore G.Ragazzi E.Lapolla A. + ACTA DIABETOLOGICA - -
Association of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors with best COVID-19 outcomes in a diabetic population of the Veneto region (north-east Italy): A lesson for endemic phase? 2023 Ragazzi, EugenioLapolla, Annunziata + NMCD. NUTRITION METABOLISM AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES - -
P12-A107 Porcine cornea ex vivo model as an alternative to human donor tissues for investigating new preservation conditions 2023 Stefano FerrariStefano CiciliotEugenio Ragazzi + BMJ OPEN OPHTHALMOLOGY - -
Telemedicine and its acceptance by patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus at a single care center during the COVID-19 emergency: A cross-sectional observational study 2023 Sartore G.Ragazzi E.Lapolla A. + PLOS ONE - -
Contribution of Mitochondrial Activity to Doxorubicin-Resistance in Osteosarcoma Cells 2023 Isabella GiacominiMattia TinazziVeronica CocettaEugenio RagazziMonica Montopoli + CANCERS - -
Omicron Variant of SARS-CoV-2 Virus: <i>In Silico</i> Evaluation of the Possible Impact on People Affected by Diabetes Mellitus 2022 Bassani DavideRagazzi EugenioLapolla AnnunziataSartore GiovanniMoro Stefano - FRONTIERS RESEARCH TOPICS Covid-19 and diabetes
VALUTAZIONE DELL’ATTIVITA’ ANTI-INVECCHIAMENTO DELL’ESTRATTO AS PER APPLICAZIONE FITOCOSMETICA 2022 Isabella GiacominiAlessandra PierantoniVeronica CocettaMattia TinazziEugenio RagazziMonica Montopoli - - XXX Congresso Nazionale di Fitoterapia
CHARACTERIZATION OF MITOCHONDRIAL METABOLISM OF DOXORUBICIN-RESISTANT OSTEOSARCOMA CELLS 2022 Giacomini ICocetta VTinazzi MRagazzi EMontopoli M. + - - ISCaM 2022 Targeting metabolic dynamics in cancer
Mitochondrial phenotyping of doxorubicin-resistant osteosarcoma cells 2022 Isabella GiacominiVeronica CocettaMattia TinazziEugenio RagazziMonica Montopoli + - - EACR 2022 Congress
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 546
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