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Mutable Collagenous Tissue Isolated from Echinoderms Leads to the Production of a Dermal Template That Is Biocompatible and Effective for Wound Healing in Rats 2023 Carolo A.Melotti L.Zivelonghi G.Sacchetto R.Akyurek E. E.Iacopetti I.Barbon S.Contran M.Incendi D.Porzionato A.Vindigni V.Patruno M. + MARINE DRUGS - -
Biomechanical evaluation of atmospheric pressure cold plasma and cross-linking treatment in ex vivo porcine corneas: preliminary results 2023 Mascolini Maria VittoriaTodros SilviaPeruffo AntonellaContiero BarbaraIacopetti IlariaPatruno MarcoFontanella Chiara GiuliaPerazzi Anna + - - Abstract Book
A marine-derived collagen-based skin substitute for skin regeneration: a preliminary study 2023 Luca MelottiA PerazziI IacopettiM Patruno + - - TERMIS-EU Abstract Book
Assessment of the quality of the healing process in experimentally induced skin lesions treated with autologous platelet concentrate associated or unassociated with allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells: preliminary results in a large animal model 2023 Ilaria IacopettiAnna PerazziMarco PatrunoBarbara ContieroAnna CaroloLuca Melotti + FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
Biomechanical evaluation of atmospheric pressure cold plasma treatment in ex vivo porcine corneas 2022 Mascolini Maria VittoriaTodros SilviaPeruffo AntonellaIacopetti IlariaPerazzi AnnaFontanella Chiara Giulia + - - Abstract Book - 13th BSRT Symposium 2022
Case Report: Repeated Intralesional Injections of Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells Combined With Platelet-Rich Plasma for Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon Healing in a Show Jumping Horse 2022 Luca MelottiLaura Da DaltGianfranco GabaiAnna PerazziIlaria IacopettiMarco Patruno + FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
Evaluation of Salivary Biochemistry in Dogs with and without Plaque, Calculus, and Gingivitis: Preliminary Results 2022 Perazzi, AnnaRicci, RebeccaContiero, BarbaraIacopetti, Ilaria ANIMALS - -
Mechanical behaviour of healthy versus alkali-lesioned corneas by a porcine organ culture model 2021 Fontanella, Chiara GiuliaCarniel, Emanuele LuigiCorain, LivioPeruffo, AntonellaIacopetti, IlariaPavan, Piero G.Todros, SilviaPerazzi, Anna BMC VETERINARY RESEARCH - -
Could cold plasma act synergistically with allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells to improve wound skin regeneration in a large size animal model? 2021 Luca MelottiAnna PerazziSilvia FerroLisa MaccatrozzoIlaria IacopettiMarco Patruno + RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
A Prototype Skin Substitute, Made of Recycled Marine Collagen, Improves the Skin Regeneration of Sheep 2021 Melotti, LucaMartinello, TizianaPerazzi, AnnaIacopetti, IlariaFerrario, CinziaSugni, MichelaSacchetto, RobertaPatruno, Marco ANIMALS - -
Valorization of sea urchins waste for innovative products and diversified supply chains. A multisciplinary research project 2021 I. IacopettiL. MelottiA. PerazziM. Patruno + - - RETASTE Conference Abstract book
The sea urchin collagen, recycled from the food industry waste, is a novel and valuable biomedical resource 2021 L. MelottiA. PerazziI. IacopettiM. Patruno + - - RETASTE Conference Abstract book
Application of a sea urchin-derived collagen skin substitute for the treatment of full-thickness wounds: a preliminary study 2021 L. MelottiA. PerazziI. IacopettiM. Patruno + - - TERMIS World Conference Abstract Book
Cold plasma and stem cells joined as a new tool in wound healing: a pilot study on large animals 2021 L. MelottiA. PerazziI. IacopettiM. Patruno + - - TERMIS World Conference Abstract Book
Corneal sequestra in cats: 175 eyes from 172 cases (2000-2016) 2021 Perazzi, AContiero, BCarobbi, BIacopetti, I + JOURNAL OF SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE - -
Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma Enhances the Healing of Large Cutaneous Wounds in Dogs 2020 Iacopetti, IlariaPatruno, MarcoMelotti, LucaMartinello, TizianaBedin, SilviaBadon, TamaraRighetto, Edoardo MariaPerazzi, Anna FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
Hyaluronic acid, Manuka honey and Acemannan gel: Wound-specific applications for skin lesions 2020 Iacopetti I.Perazzi A.Martinello T.Patruno M. + RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
An Assay System to Evaluate Riboflavin/UV-A Corneal Phototherapy Efficacy in a Porcine Corneal Organ Culture Model 2020 Anna PerazziLivio CorainIlaria IacopettiEnrico GrisanMarco PatrunoTiziana MartinelloAntonella Peruffo + ANIMALS - -
Wound healing improvement in large animals using an indirect helium plasma treatment 2020 Martines E.Brun P.Cordaro L.Martinello T.Perazzi A.Melotti L.Maccatrozzo L.Patruno M.Iacopetti I. + CLINICAL PLASMA MEDICINE - -
Impression cytology of the healthy equine ocular surface: Inter-observer agreement, filter preservation over time and comparison with the cytobrush technique 2019 Bonsembiante, FedericoPerazzi, AnnaGelain, Maria ElenaIacopetti, Ilaria + VETERINARY CLINICAL PATHOLOGY - -
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