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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Inequality, poverty, deprivation and the uneven spread of COVID-19 in Europe 2023 Burlina C. + REGIONAL STUDIES - -
Exploring the entropy‑complexity nexus. Evidence from Italy 2023 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina ECONOMIA POLITICA - -
Alone and Lonely. The economic cost of solitude for regions in Europe 2023 Burlina C. + ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING. A. - -
Economic complexity and firm performance in the cultural and creative sector: Evidence from Italian provinces 2022 Burlina, C + EUROPEAN URBAN AND REGIONAL STUDIES - -
On the Territorial Embeddedness of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Literature Review about How Industry 4.0 Meets Industrial Districts 2022 Burlina C. + SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Banking proximity and firm performance. The role of small businesses, community banks and the credit cycle 2022 Burlina, C + APPLIED ECONOMICS - -
SMEs and the regionalization of global value chains: an untold story from the Italian industrial districts 2022 Bettiol, MarcoBurlina, ChiaraDi Maria, Eleonora + COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Measuring creative and cultural industries: the statistics job from taxonomies to composite indices 2022 Burlina C. + - - A Modern Guide to Creative Economies
Assessing the role of entropy on economic complexity in Italian regions 2021 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina - - Unlocking Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Potential for Increasing Capacities
Can culture save young Italians? The role of cultural capital on Italian NEETs behaviour 2021 Burlina C. + ECONOMIA POLITICA - -
Quality of institutions and standard of living: a panel cointegration analysis 2021 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina ECONOMICS BULLETIN - -
Institutions and the uneven geography of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic 2021 Burlina C. + JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE - -
Manufacturing and value-added dynamics in global value chains: the case of Italy 2020 Burlina C.Di Maria E. COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
Networking policy and firm performance 2020 Burlina C. GROWTH AND CHANGE - -
Industrial Districts, Inter-firm networks and Internationalisation. Evidence from Italy 2018 Burlina, Chiara - - -
Does It Pay to Be International? Evidence from Industrial District Firms 2018 Bettiol M.Chiarvesio M.Burlina C.Di Maria E. - - Contemporary Issues in International Business. Institutions, Strategy and Performance
Local Externalities and Firm Internationalisation 2017 Burlina C. TIJDSCHRIFT VOOR ECONOMISCHE EN SOCIALE GEOGRAFIE - -
From delocalization to backshoring? Evidence from Italian industrial districts 2017 Bettiol M.BURLINA, CHIARAChiarvesio M. + INVESTIGACIONES REGIONALES - -
Industrial District Firms Do Not Smile: Structuring The Value Chain Between Local And Global 2017 BURLINA, CHIARACHIARVESIO, MARIADi Maria E. + - ADVANCES IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT Breaking Up the Global Value Chain. Opportunities and Consequences.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 19 di 19
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