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Immigrant entrepreneurs out of the shell? An investigation of individual characteristics on the propensity to seek external advice. In corso di stampa Tognazzo, A.Leonelli, S.Campagnolo, D. - CONTRIBUTIONS TO MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Sustainable International Business: Smart strategies for business and society
Framing doctor-managers’ resilience during Covid-19 pandemic: A descriptive analysis from the Italian NHS 2023 Leonelli Simona + HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT RESEARCH - -
Narcissism and perceived stress among Italian hospital nurses during COVID-19: the moderator role of age 2023 Leonelli, Simona + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT - -
The impact of personal factors and firm dynamics on knowledge workers’ counterproductive work behaviour 2022 leonelli, simona + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT IN EDUCATION - -
The impact of personality traits and abilities on entrepreneurial orientation in SMEs 2022 Leonelli, Simona + JOURNAL OF SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP - -
Risk or Opportunity? Exploring the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Decision and the Use of Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns in Less- and Well-Developed Regions in Italy 2022 Leonelli, Simona + - CONTRIBUTIONS TO MANAGEMENT SCIENCE The International Dimension of Entrepreneurial Decision-Making
The Antecedents to Habitual Entrepreneurship: Exploring the Role of Entrepreneurs’ Narcissism and Educational Level 2022 Leonelli, Simona ENTREPRENEURSHIP RESEARCH JOURNAL - -
La propensione al knowledge sharing dei medici durante la pandemia: uno studio empirico sul ruolo della resilienza e del commitment 2022 Simona Leonelli + PROSPETTIVE IN ORGANIZZAZIONE - -
“OSS! Ti piacerebbe farlo?” Uno studio trasversale per conoscere mansioni, competenze complementari e carico assistenziale percepito dagli OSS. 2022 Simona Leonelli + JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL PRACTITIONERS - -
Covid-19 and resilience: are family firms more resilient than non-family firms? An analysis of the northeast regions of Italy. 2022 Leonelli SimonaCampagnolo DiegoGianecchini MartinaTognazzo AlessandraGubitta Paolo - - EURAM Conference proceedings
The malevolent side of masstige consumers’ behavior: The role of dark triad and technology propensity 2022 Leonelli Simona + JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH - -
SMEs facing crisis: ideal response or equifinal reactions? 2022 Campagnolo DiegoGianecchini MartinaGubitta PaoloLeonelli SimonaTognazzo Alessandra - - Business Under Crisis: Contextual Transformations
Everything Gonna Be Alright: Antecedents to Nurses’ Change Adaptability in the COVID-19 Era 2022 Leonelli, Simona + - - Leadership after COVID-19
My choices are better than yours! Gender differences in narcissistic start-ups entrepreneurs 2022 Leonelli, Simona EUROMED JOURNAL OF BUSINESS - -
Stay alert, save businesses. Planning for adversity among immigrant entrepreneurs 2022 Campagnolo, DiegoLeonelli, Simona + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURIAL BEHAVIOUR & RESEARCH - -
Exploration of the mediating role of physicians' managerial attitude in the relationship between their self-efficacy and workplace performance 2022 Leonelli, Simona + JOURNAL OF HEALTH ORGANISATION & MANAGEMENT - -
Keep dreaming: how personality traits affects the recognition and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities in the agritourism industry 2022 Leonelli, Simona + BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL - -
Cultural Proximity and Firm Innovation: The Moderator Role of Digital Technologies 2021 Leonelli, Simona + - LECTURE NOTES IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND ORGANISATION Exploring Innovation in a Digital World
Does Self-attribution Impact on Investor Perception About Cryptocurrency Market Efficiency? The Mediating Role of Overconfidence 2021 Leonelli, Simona + - LECTURE NOTES IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND ORGANISATION Exploring Innovation in a Digital World
Born to be successful: start-up patenting activity determinants 2021 Simona Leonelli + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS - -
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