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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
An Inter-University CBL Course and Its Reception by the Student Body: Reflections and Lessons Learned (in Times of COVID-19) 2022 De Stefani, PaoloHan, Ling FRONTIERS IN EDUCATION - -
Child trafficking in China from a human rights-based approach: A case study of three Chinese provinces 2019 Han, Ling - - -
New Technologies in Combating Child Trafficking in China: Opportunities and Challenges for Children’s Rights 2019 LING HAN PEACE HUMAN RIGHTS GOVERNANCE - -
Clinical, biochemical and genetic spectrum of 70 patients with ACAD9 deficiency: Is riboflavin supplementation effective? 2018 Burlina, AlbertoZeviani, MassimoLing, Han + ORPHANET JOURNAL OF RARE DISEASES - -
La chiesa cristiana cinese in Italia 2018 Giuseppe GiordanHAN, LING + RELIGIONI E SOCIETÀ - -
Child trafficking within China: literature review 2017 HAN, LING - - What’s new in human rights doctoral research. A collection of critical literature reviews
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 6 di 6
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