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Lighting-up nanocarbons through hybridization: Optoelectronic properties and perspectives 2021 Wang M.Menna E. + OPTICAL MATERIALS. X - -
Information gain in environmental monitoring through bioindication and biomonitoring methods ("B & B technologies") and phytoremediation processes-with special reference to the Biological System of Chemical Elements (BSCE) under specific consideration of Lithium 2020 Liu S.Ozturk M.Renella G.Wang M. + BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE - -
Seasonal variation of the underground cosmic muon flux observed at Daya Bay 2018 Grassi M.Kramer M.Lin S. K.Pec V.Qi M.Wang C. H.Wang M.Wang W.Wang X.Xu Y.Yeh M.Zhao J.Zhou L. + JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS - -
Cosmogenic neutron production at Daya Bay 2018 Grassi, M.Kramer, M.Pec, V.Qi, M.Wang, M.Wang, W.Wang, X.Xu, Y.Yeh, M.Zhang, R.Zhao, J.Zhou, L. + PHYSICAL REVIEW D - -
A novel approach for the acute treatment of heart failure 2013 Wang M.Paolocci N. + CIRCULATION. HEART FAILURE - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 5 di 5
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