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Evolution of musculoskeletal symptoms in Long COVID syndrome: a lexical analysis to approach requirements for an interdisciplinary management. 2024 Maccarone, Maria ChiaraCoraci, DanieleScanu, AnnaMasiero, Stefano + JOINT BONE SPINE - -
Rehabilitation approaches in West Nile Virus survivors: a systematic review 2024 Maccarone M. C.Coraci D.Masiero S. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE - -
Neurophysiological, balance and motion evidence in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A systematic review 2024 Paramento M.Passarotto E.Maccarone M. C.Agostini M.Contessa P.Rubega M.Formaggio E.Masiero S. PLOS ONE - -
Letter to the editor regarding “Associations between paraspinal muscle characteristics and spinal curvature in conservatively treated adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a systematic review” by Chan et al 2024 Coraci D.Maccarone M. C.Masiero S. + THE SPINE JOURNAL - -
State of art of mobility medicine: some more abstracts and evidence that the success of Pdm3 is based on extra-session relationships 2024 Barbieri E.Bosco G.Coraci D.Maccarone M. C.Tognolo L.Masiero S. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Hand Osteoarthritis: Is Balneotherapy Useful? Bridging the Gap in the Literature with a Scoping Review of Randomized Controlled Trials 2023 Maccarone, Maria ChiaraScanu, AnnaMasiero, Stefano + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
The Potential Role of Spa Therapy in Managing Frailty in Rheumatic Patients: A Scoping Review 2023 Maccarone, Maria ChiaraScanu, AnnaCoraci, DanieleMasiero, Stefano HEALTHCARE - -
Frailty education: promoting geriatric competencies among Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residents 2023 Maccarone, Maria Chiara + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION - -
Water-based exercise for upper and lower limb lymphedema treatment 2023 Maccarone M. C.Masiero S. + JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY: VENOUS AND LYMPHATIC DISORDERS - -
The usefulness of ultrasound in iatrogenic nerve injuries. Letter in response to the paper by Carlson Strother et al. “Surgical management of peroneal nerve injuries” 2023 Mauro G.Coraci D.Maccarone M. C.Masiero S. + ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA - -
Short-time effects of spa rehabilitation on pain, mood and quality of life among patients with degenerative or post-surgery musculoskeletal disorders 2023 Maccarone M. C.Barbetta G.Barone S.Poli P.Masiero S. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOMETEOROLOGY - -
Water-Based Rehabilitation in the Elderly: Data Science Approach to Support the Conduction of a Scoping Review 2022 Coraci, DanieleTognolo, LucreziaMaccarone, Maria ChiaraMasiero, Stefano + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Can spa rehabilitative interventions play a role for patients suffering from neurodegenerative disorders at the early stages? A scoping review 2022 Maccarone M. C.Masiero S. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOMETEOROLOGY - -
Can aquatic exercises contribute to the improvement of the gait stereotype function in patients with Long COVID outcomes? 2022 Maccarone M. C.Masiero S. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Therapeutic Exercise and Conservative Injection Treatment for Early Knee Osteoarthritis in Athletes: A Scoping Review 2022 Tognolo, LucreziaMaccarone, Maria ChiaraScanu, AnnaMasiero, Stefano + MEDICINA - -
“Catch me if you can”. The contribution of ultrasound to rapidly unveil a nerve lesion 2022 Coraci, DanieleMaccarone, Maria ChiaraMasiero, Stefano + JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE - -
Clinical Impact of Balneotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise in Rheumatic Diseases: A Lexical Analysis and Scoping Review 2022 Tognolo, LCoraci, DScanu, AMaccarone, MCMasiero, S + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Ulnar neuropathy at elbow with uncommon neurophysiological findings. When the neurophysiology is not clear 2022 Coraci, DanieleMaccarone, Maria ChiaraPellizzaro, AlicePiccione, FrancescoMasiero, Stefano NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES - -
Immunological Events, Emerging Pharmaceutical Treatments and Therapeutic Potential of Balneotherapy on Osteoarthritis 2021 Scanu, AnnaTognolo, LucreziaMaccarone, Maria ChiaraMasiero, Stefano FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY - -
From in vitro research to real life studies: an extensive narrative review of the effects of balneotherapy on human immune response 2021 Maccarone M. C.Magro G.Scanu A.Masiero S. + SPORT SCIENCES FOR HEALTH - -
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