Sfoglia per Autore  Aarabi, Mohammadhadi

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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Sex differences in microstructural white matter alterations of mathematics anxiety based on diffusion MRI connectometry 2021 Aarabi M. + NEUROPSYCHOLOGY - -
Brain microstructural abnormalities in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: A systematic review of diffusion tensor imaging studies 2021 Aarabi M.Cattarinussi G.Sambataro F. + EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY - -
Effects of Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure on the Developing Human Brain: A Systematic Review of Neuroimaging Studies 2021 Cattarinussi G.Aarabi M. + ACS CHEMICAL NEUROSCIENCE - -
Aging & COVID-19 susceptibility, disease severity, and clinical outcomes: The role of entangled risk factors 2021 Aarabi M. + EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY - -
White matter changes in drug-naïve Parkinson's disease patients with impulse control & probable REM sleep behavior disorders 2021 Aarabi M. + JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES - -
The Association between REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and Autonomic Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease 2021 Aarabi M. + JOURNAL OF PARKINSON'S DISEASE - -
Effect of parental depressive symptoms on offspring's brain structure and function: A systematic review of neuroimaging studies 2021 Cattarinussi G.Aarabi M.Sambataro F. + NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS - -
Sex Differences are Reflected in Microstructural White Matter Alterations of Musical Sophistication: A Diffusion MRI Study 2021 Aarabi M. + FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE - -
Pathophysiological Clues to How the Emergent SARS-CoV-2 Can Potentially Increase the Susceptibility to Neurodegeneration 2021 Aarabi M. + MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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