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g-C3N4-based materials functionalized with Au, Ag, and Au-Ag: An XPS study 2022 Benedet, MGasparotto, ARizzi, GAMaccato, C + SURFACE SCIENCE SPECTRA - -
Tailoring oxygen evolution performances of carbon nitride systems fabricated by electrophoresis through Ag and Au plasma functionalization 2022 Benedet M.Andrea Rizzi G.Gasparotto A.Girardi L.Maccato C.Barreca D. + CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL - -
A versatile Fe(II) diketonate diamine adduct: Preparation, characterization and validation in the chemical vapor deposition of iron oxide nanomaterials 2022 Barreca D.Bigiani L.Gasparotto A.Fois E.Roverso M.Bogialli S.Maccato C. + MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS - -
Enhanced photocatalytic removal of NOx gases by β-Fe2O3/CuO and β-Fe2O3/WO3 nanoheterostructures 2022 Barreca D.Bigiani L.Gasparotto A.Sada C.Maccato C. + CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL - -
Metal Oxide Nanosystems As Chemoresistive Gas Sensors for Chemical Warfare Agents: A Focused Review 2022 Chiara MaccatoAlberto Gasparotto + ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES - -
Tailored Functional Oxide Nanomaterials. From Design to Multi-Purpose Applications 2022 Chiara MaccatoDavide Barreca - - -
Analysis of Co3O4-SnO2 and Co3O4-Fe2O3 nanosystems by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 2021 Maccato, ChiaraBigiani, LorenzoBarreca, DavideGasparotto, Alberto + SURFACE SCIENCE SPECTRA - -
Fe2O3-WO3 and Fe2O3-CuO nanoheterostructures by XPS 2021 Maccato C.Bigiani L.Barreca D.Gasparotto A. SURFACE SCIENCE SPECTRA - -
Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Co3O4-Based Electrocatalysts on Ni Foam Substrates for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2021 Maccato C.Bigiani L.Girardi L.Gasparotto A.Barreca D.Rizzi G. A. + ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES - -
A Cu(ii)-MOF based on a propargyl carbamate-functionalized isophthalate ligand 2021 Chiara Maccato + RSC ADVANCES - -
Tailored Co3O4‑Based Nanosystems: Toward Photocatalysts for Air Purification 2021 Davide BarrecaLorenzo BigianiCinzia SadaChiara Maccato + ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES - -
Facile preparation of a cobalt diamine diketonate adduct as a potential vapor phase precursor for Co3O4 films 2021 Barreca D.Bigiani L.Gasparotto A.Roverso M.Bogialli S.Maccato C. + DALTON TRANSACTIONS - -
Selective anodes for seawater splitting via functionalization of manganese oxides by a plasma-assisted process 2021 L. BigianiD. BarrecaA. GasparottoC. SadaC. Maccato + APPLIED CATALYSIS. B, ENVIRONMENTAL - -
The Early Steps of Molecule-to-Material Conversion in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD): A Case Study 2021 Barreca DavideGasparotto AlbertoMaccato Chiara + MOLECULES - -
Multilayer assemblies of a Cu-phthalocyanine with Dawson type polyoxometalates (POMs) for the electrocatalytic reduction of phosphate 2020 C. MaccatoD. Barreca + JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY - -
Quasi-1D MnO2 nanocomposites as gas sensors for hazardous chemicals 2020 Bigiani L.Maccato C.Barreca D.Gasparotto A. + APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE - -
Copper Vanadate Nanobelts as Anodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: Influence of CoO xOverlayers on Functional Performances 2020 Girardi L.Rizzi G. A.Bigiani L.Barreca D.Maccato C.Marega C.Granozzi G. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES - -
MnO2nanomaterials functionalized with Ag and SnO2: An XPS study 2020 Bigiani L.Maccato C.Barreca D.Gasparotto A. SURFACE SCIENCE SPECTRA - -
XPS characterization of Mn2O3nanomaterials functionalized with Ag and SnO2 2020 Valbusa D.Bigiani L.Barreca D.Gasparotto A.Maccato C. + SURFACE SCIENCE SPECTRA - -
Hydrogen gas sensing performances of p-type Mn3O4 nanosystems: The role of built-in Mn3O4/Ag and Mn3O4/SnO2 junctions 2020 Bigiani L.Maccato C.Gasparotto A.Sada C.Barreca D. + NANOMATERIALS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 226
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