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Chemical Characterization of 29 Industrial Hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.) Varieties 2024 Arango, SheylaRaffrenato, EmilianoBailoni, Lucia + FOODS - -
Effects of starch sources varying in particle sizes on ruminal fermentation, nutrient flow, starch digestibility, and lactation performance of dairy cows 2023 Raffrenato E. + JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Evaluation of behavior in veal calves fed milk containing different levels of hempseed cake (Cannabis sativa L.) 2023 Guzzo N.Raffrenato E.Sartori C.Bailoni L. + FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
Predicting fiber digestibility in Holstein dairy cows fed dry-hay based rations through machine learning 2023 Raffrenato, E. + ANIMAL - -
Physical Characterization of Ten Hemp Varieties to Use as Animal Bedding Material 2023 Arango, SheylaGreco, RosaGuzzo, NadiaRaffrenato, EmilianoBailoni, Lucia + ANIMALS - -
Effect of Dietary Hemp Cake Inclusion on the In Vivo and Post Mortem Performances of Holstein Veal Calves 2022 Arango, SheylaGuzzo, NadiaRaffrenato, EmilianoBailoni, Lucia ANIMALS - -
Economic Feasibility, Benefits and Challenges of On-Farm Artisanal Cheese Making in South Africa 2022 Raffrenato, Emiliano + DAIRY - -
Application of Gamma Irradiation Treatment on the Physicochemical and Microbiological Quality of an Artisanal Hard Cheese 2022 Emiliano Raffrenato + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Participatory inventory and nutritional evaluation of local forage resources for smallholder free-range beef production in semi-arid areas of South Africa 2022 Strydom, PRaffrenato, E + AFRICAN JOURNAL OF RANGE & FORAGE SCIENCE - -
The diurnal patterns of ruminal enzymatic activity and in vitro digestibility of starch, neutral detergent fiber, and protein 2022 Raffrenato, E + JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Economic Viability of Nguni Cattle Fed Diets Containing Graded Levels of Opuntia ficus-indica 2022 Strydom, PRaffrenato, E + AGRICULTURE - -
An Evaluation of Nutritional and Therapeutic Factors Affecting Pre-Weaned Calf Health and Welfare, and Direct-Fed Microbials as a Potential Alternative for Promoting Performance—A Review 2022 Raffrenato, Emiliano + DAIRY - -
A Survey of Cheese from Small-Scale Artisanal Producers in Western Cape, South Africa 2021 E. Raffrenato + JOURNAL OF FOOD QUALITY - -
Rumen fluid handling affects measurements of its enzymatic activity and in vitro digestibility 2021 Raffrenato E + ANIMAL FEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Comparative effects of feeding citrus pulp and grape pomace on nutrient digestibility and utilization in steers 2021 Raffrenato E + ANIMAL - -
A review of artisanal cheese making: An african perspective 2021 Raffrenato E + SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Effects of a starch binding agent on in vitro rumen degradability of maize and sorghum starch 2020 Raffrenato E + SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Characterization of metabolic and inflammatory profiles of transition dairy cows fed an energy-restricted diet 2020 Raffrenato E + JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Predicting the growth and feed intake of Boer goats in a feedlot system 2020 Raffrenato E + ARQUIVOS BRASILEIROS DE PSICOLOGIA - -
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, medium and forage type and their interactions on in vitro ruminal fermentation 2020 Raffrenato E + HELIYON - -
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