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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Redefining the entrepreneurial discovery process for smarter specialization in Europe 2024 Ganzaroli A. EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
Exploring the role of dynamic capabilities in digital circular business model innovation: Results from a grounded systematic inductive analysis of 7 case studies 2023 Ganzaroli A. + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Touristification, smartization, and social sustainability in European regions 2023 Ganzaroli A. + CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM - -
Enhancing the inventive capacity of European regions through interregional collaboration 2023 De Noni I.Ganzaroli A. REGIONAL STUDIES - -
Managing Digital Transformation for Social Good in Non-Profit Organizations: The Case of The Felix Project Zeroing Hunger in London 2023 Ganzaroli A. + VOLUNTAS - -
Exaptive innovation in constraint-based environments: lessons from COVID-19 crisis 2022 Sedita, SRBlasi, SGanzaroli, A EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INNOVATION MANAGEMENT - -
Investigating on the environmental sustainability of animal products: The case of organic eggs 2020 Costantini M.Ganzaroli A. + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Earthworm as an alternative protein source in poultry and fish farming: Current applications and future perspectives 2020 Ganzaroli A. + SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT - -
Improvement of human health and environmental costs in the European Union by air scrubbers in intensive pig farming 2020 Costantini M.Ganzaroli A. + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Vicious advice: Analyzing the impact of TripAdvisor on the quality of restaurants as part of the cultural heritage of Venice 2017 Ganzaroli A.De Noni I. + TOURISM MANAGEMENT - -
Looking for the missing link between creativity and governance in open source communities: Some implications from GNOME and KDE case study 2012 Ganzaroli A. + - - Managing Networks of Creativity
Interpreting the trustworthiness of government mediated by information and communication technology: Lessons from electronic voting in Brazil 2009 Ganzaroli A. + INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR DEVELOPMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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