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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Perinatal Loss Experienced by the Parental Couple: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study 2022 Cena L.Iacona E.Testoni I. + JMIR RESEARCH PROTOCOLS - -
Dignity Therapy and the past That Matters: Dialogues with Older People on Values and Photos 2022 Testoni, ID'Ippolito, MIacona, EZamperini, AGrassi, L + JOURNAL OF LOSS & TRAUMA - -
Reconstructing Social Relationships in a Post-Lockdown Suburban Area of Southern Italy Using Pastoral Counselling 2022 Stizzi A.Negrola E.Iacona E.Scalici G.Testoni I. + PASTORAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Anticipatory Mourning and Narrative Meaning-Making in the Younger Breast Cancer Experience: An Application of the Meaning of Loss Codebook 2022 Testoni I.Iacona E.Pizzolato L.Neimeyer R. A. + BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - -
Spiritual Counseling During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy: a Qualitative Study 2022 Marchica B.Iacona E.Testoni I. + PASTORAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Necronym: the effects of bearing a dead little sibling’s name 2021 Ines TestoniMaurizio DorsaErika Iacona + MORTALITY - -
Mental health in prison: Integrating the perspectives of prison staff 2021 Testoni I.Nencioni I.Arbien M.Iacona E.Gorzegno V.Selmi C.Vianello F.Zamperini A. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Psychology Students' Perceptions of COVID-19 in a Death Education Course 2021 Testoni I.Iacona E.Pompele S.Dal Corso L. + FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Facing COVID-19 Between Sensory and Psychoemotional Stress, and Instrumental Deprivation: A Qualitative Study of Unmanageable Critical Incidents With Doctors and Nurses in Two Hospitals in Northern Italy 2021 Testoni I.Iacona E.Crupi R.Pagano C. + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Mourning and Management of the COVID-19 Health Emergency in the Priestly Community: Qualitative Research in a Region of Northern Italy Severely Affected by the Pandemic 2021 Testoni I.Iacona E.Marogna C.Cottone P. + FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Death notification in italian critical care unites and emergency services. A qualitative study with physicians, nurses and relatives 2021 Testoni I.Iacona E.Palazzo L.Baldrati B.Navalesi P. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
The COVID-19 Disappeared: From Traumatic to Ambiguous Loss and the Role of the Internet for the Bereaved in Italy 2021 Testoni, ITribbia, NBiancalani, GIacona, E + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY - -
The sense of dignity at the end of life: reflections on lifetime values through the family photo album 2020 Testoni I.Iacona E.Zamperini A.Grassi L. + BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - -
The endless grief in waiting: A qualitative study of the relationship between ambiguous loss and anticipatory mourning amongst the relatives of missing persons in Italy 2020 Testoni I.Franco C.Palazzo L.Iacona E.Zamperini A. + BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - -
The Last Glance: How Aesthetic Observation of Corpses Facilitates Detachment in Grief Work 2020 Testoni I.Zielo A.Schiavo C.Iacona E. ILLNESS CRISIS & LOSS - -
Death Education and the Management of Fear of Death Via Photo-Voice: An Experience Among Undergraduate Students 2019 Testoni, InesRonconi, LuciaZSAK, EVAIacona, ErikaZamperini, Adriano + JOURNAL OF LOSS & TRAUMA - -
“Before I die I want to …”: An experience of death education among university students of social service and psychology 2018 Testoni, InesIacona, ErikaFUSINA, SONIACRIPPA, MATTEO ILISMaccarini, AndreaZamperini, Adriano + HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY OPEN - -
Project ‘Before I die I want to...’: snapshot of ‘close death’. Progetto “Before I die I want to…”: istantanea di una “morte ravvicinata” 2017 Testoni I.IACONA, ERIKA + - - Identity Agonies: Living Dyingly – Approaches from Psychology, Neuroscience, Medicine, Sociology and Philosophy. Vivere morendo. Approcci da Psicologia, Neuroscienze, Medicina, Sociologia e Filosofia
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