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Ringwoodite and zirconia inclusions indicate downward travel of super-deep diamonds 2022 Lorenzon, SofiaNovella, DavideNimis, PaoloPamato, Martha G.Lorenzetti, AlessandraAlvaro, MatteoBrenker, FrankNestola, Fabrizio + GEOLOGY - -
Effects of Solvent and Electrospinning Parameters on the Morphology and Piezoelectric Properties of PVDF Nanofibrous Membrane 2022 Boaretti C.Lorenzetti A.Martucci A.Roso M.Modesti M. + NANOMATERIALS - -
Polyether single and double crystalline blends and the effect of lithium salt on their crystallinity and ionic conductivity 2021 Lorenzetti A. + POLYMERS - -
Transesterification of Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate for the Recycling of Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride Scraps in the Circular Economy Framework 2021 Boaretti C.Donadini R.Roso M.Lorenzetti A.Modesti M. INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH - -
PVDF-TiO2 core-shell fibrous membranes by microwave-hydrothermal method: Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic activity 2021 Yin J.Roso M.Boaretti C.Lorenzetti A.Martucci A.Modesti M. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - -
Upcycling of polyurethane into iron-nitrogen-carbon electrocatalysts active for oxygen reduction reaction 2020 Daniel G.Kosmala T.Dalconi M. C.Badocco D.Pastore P.Lorenzetti A.Granozzi G.Durante C. + ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA - -
Combined AOPs for formaldehyde degradation using heterogeneous nanostructured catalysts 2020 Boaretti C.Roso M.Martucci A.Modesti M.Lorenzetti A. + NANOMATERIALS - -
Electrospun active media based on polyvinylidene fluoride (Pvdf)-graphene-tio2 nanocomposite materials for methanol and acetaldehyde gas-phase abatement 2020 Carlo BoarettiAlessandra LorenzettiMichele ModestiMartina Roso + CATALYSTS - -
Influence of different carbon-based fillers on electrical and mechanical properties of a PC/ABS blend 2020 dal Lago E.Boaretti C.Roso M.Lorenzetti A.Modesti M. + POLYMERS - -
From Cells to Residues: Flame-Retarded Rigid Polyurethane Foams 2020 Lorenzetti A. + COMBUSTION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Investigation of Plasma-Assisted Functionalization of Graphitic Materials for Epoxy Composites 2019 Boaretti, CarloRoso, MartinaModesti, MicheleLorenzetti, Alessandra + NANOMATERIALS - -
Design and development of nanostructured filter media for VOCs abatement in closed environments 2019 Roso, MartinaBoaretti, CarloDONADINI, RICCARDOLorenzetti, AlessandraModesti, Michele + JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - -
Life Cycle Assessment Framework to Support the Design of Biobased Rigid Polyurethane Foams 2019 Manzardo A.MARSON, ALESSANDRORoso M.Boaretti C.Modesti M.Lorenzetti A. + ACS OMEGA - -
Diamond-inclusion system recording old deep lithosphere conditions at Udachnaya (Siberia) 2019 Nestola F.Nimis P.Periotto B.Princivalle F.Secco L.PASQUALETTO, LEONARDOLorenzetti A.Harris J. W. + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Study of Soybean Oil Epoxidation: Effects of Sulfuric Acid and the Mixing Program 2018 Vianello, ChiaraPICCOLO, DAMIANOLorenzetti, AlessandraMaschio, Giuseppe + INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH - -
Nanostructured Active Media for Volatile Organic Compounds Abatement: The Synergy of Graphene Oxide and Semiconductor Coupling 2018 Roso, MartinaBoaretti, CarloBonora, RenatoModesti, MicheleLorenzetti, Alessandra INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH - -
The effect of different compatibilizers on the properties of a post-industrial PC/PET blend 2018 Lago, Eleonora DalBoaretti, CarloPiovesan, FrancescaRoso, MartinaLorenzetti, AlessandraModesti, Michele MATERIALS - -
Fire phenomena of rigid polyurethane foams 2018 Lorenzetti, Alessandra + POLYMERS - -
Evaluation of electrospun nanofibrous mats as materials for CO2capture: A feasibility study on functionalized poly(acrylonitrile) (PAN) 2018 Roso, MartinaLorenzetti, Alessandra + JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE - -
Valuable secondary raw material by chemical recycling of polyisocyanurate foams 2018 Modesti, MicheleCOSTANTINI, FRANCESCADAL LAGO, ELEONORAPIOVESAN, FRANCESCARoso, MartinaBoaretti, CarloLorenzetti, Alessandra POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 179
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