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The EU Mountain Product Voluntary Quality Term as a Valorization Tool for Livestock Farms: Challenges and Opportunities in an Alpine Context 2022 Pagliacci, FrancescoCei, LeonardoDefrancesco, EdiGatto, Paola SUSTAINABILITY - -
What topic modelling can show about the development of agricultural economics: evidence from the Journal Citation Report category top journals 2022 Cei, LeonardoDefrancesco, Edi + EUROPEAN REVIEW OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS - -
Sheep farming systems in Italian Eastern Alps and their relationships with agroecosystems 2021 M. TestonE. Benedetti Del RioL. CeiP. GattoE. DefrancescoE. Sturaro - - Book of Abstracts of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science
How do local factors shape the regional adoption of geographical indications in Europe? Evidences from France, Italy and Spain 2021 Leonardo CeiEdi defrancesco + FOOD POLICY - -
The spatial distribution of geographical indications in Europe. Some preliminary insights from convergence analysis 2021 Cei LeonardoDefrancesco EdiPagliacci Francesco + - - LVII Convegno Nazionale SIDEA - Agricoltura e Società tra mercato, innovazione e ambiente: le nuove frontiere di analisi dell'impresa agro-alimentare
Investigating the structure of agricultural economics through the text analysis of journal abstracts 2021 Cei LeonardoDefrancesco Edi + - - 10th AIEAA Conference - Agriculture, food and global value chains: Issues, methods and challenges
Sustainable use of local sheep breeds in Eastern Alps 2021 Benedetti del Rio E.Teston M.Cei L.Defrancesco E.Gatto P. - - ASPA 24th Congress Book of Abstract
Drivers of farmers' adoption and continuation of climate-smart agricultural practices. A study from northeastern Italy 2020 Pagliacci, FrancescoDefrancesco, EdiMozzato, DanieleBortolini, LuciaPezzuolo, AndreaPirotti, FrancescoPisani, ElenaGatto, Paola SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT - -
The Role of Group-Time Heterogeneity in Assessing the Economic Impact of a European Agricultural Policy. Evidences from Geographical Indications Schemes 2020 cei leonardoedi defrancesco + - - XVI EAAE Virtual Congress - Raising the Impact of Agricultural Economics: Multidisciplinarity, Stakeholder Engagement and Novel Approaches
Mitigation of Urban Pluvial Flooding: What Drives Residents’ Willingness to Implement Green or Grey Stormwater Infrastructures on Their Property? 2020 Pagliacci, FrancescoDefrancesco, EdiBettella, FrancescoD’Agostino, Vincenzo WATER - -
The role of group-time treatment effect heterogeneity in long standing European agricultural policies. An application to the European geographical indication policy. 2020 Leonardo CeiEdi Defrancesco + BIO-BASED AND APPLIED ECONOMICS - -
Analysing the role of factors affecting farmers’ decisions to continue with agrienvironmental schemes from a temporal perspective 2019 Gatto P.Mozzato D.Defrancesco E. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY - -
Are non-industrial private forest owners willing to deliver regulation ecosystem services? Insights from an alpine case 2019 Paola GattoEdi DefrancescoDaniele MozzatoDavide Pettenella EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARCH - -
Coordination and Participation Boards under the European Water Framework Directive: Different Approaches Used in Some EU Countries 2019 Emilia PellegriniLucia BortoliniEdi Defrancesco WATER - -
The Economic Impact of Growing Geographical Indications: An Impact Assessment Using FADN Data 2019 Cei leonardoDefrancesco Edi + - - 8th AIEAA Conference - Tomorrow’s Food: Diet transition and its implications on health and the environment
Unfolding the Water Framework Directive Implementation at the River Basin District Scale: An Italian Case Study on Irrigation Measures 2019 Emilia PellegriniLucia BortoliniEdi Defrancesco WATER - -
Understanding the Link between Regional Characteristics and Geographical Indications: an Infrequency of Purchase approach 2019 Cei LeonardoDefrancesco Edi + - - 8th AIEAA Conference - Tomorrow's Food: Diet transition and its implications on health and the environment
Is agritourism a driver towards sustainable farming? Evidence from Italy 2019 Defrancesco EdiCei Leonardo + - - 8th AIEAA Conference - Tomorrow’s Food: Diet transition and its implications on health and the environment
Geographical Indications Distribution and Regional Characteristics: Preliminary Insights from Italy and France 2018 Leonardo CeiEdi Defrancesco + - - 7th AIEAA Conference - Evidenced-Based Policies to Face New Challenges for Agri-Food Systems
The Role of Factors Affecting the Adoption of Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices: Can Geographical Context and Time Explain the Differences Emerging from Literature? 2018 MOZZATO, DANIELEPaola GattoEdi DefrancescoLucia BortoliniFrancesco PirottiElena PisaniLuigi Sartori SUSTAINABILITY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 201
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