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Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance: a cost-oriented model for implementation. 2020 Eleonora florianFabio sgarbossaIlenia Zennaro - - Proceedings of Twenty-first International Working Seminar on Production Economics
Ageing workforce management in manufacturing systems: state of the art and future research agenda 2020 Calzavara M.Battini D.Bogataj D.Sgarbossa F.Zennaro I. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
Age replacement policy in the case of no data: the effect of Weibull parameter estimation 2020 Sgarbossa F.Zennaro I.Calzavara M. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
A model for rest allowance estimation to improve tasks assignment to operators 2019 Calzavara, MartinaPersona, AlessandroSgarbossa, FabioVisentin, Valentina INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
Machine learning for predictive maintenance: a methodological framework 2019 eleonora florianfabio sgarbossailenia zennaro - - Proceedings of the Summer School Francesco Turco, 11-13-September-2019
Throughput models for a dual-bay VLM order picking system under different configurations 2019 Sgarbossa F.Calzavara M.Persona A. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT & DATA SYSTEMS - -
An integrated storage assignment method for manual order picking warehouses considering cost, workload and posture 2019 Calzavara, MartinaSgarbossa, Fabio + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH - -
Vertical Lift Modules for small items order picking: an economic evaluation 2019 Calzavara, MartinaSgarbossa, FabioPersona, Alessandro INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS - -
Kit Preparation with Cobot-Supported Sorting in Mixed Model Assembly 2019 Calzavara MartinaSgarbossa Fabio + - - 9th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control
Future trends in management and operation of assembly systems: From customized assembly systems to cyber-physical systems 2018 Sgarbossa, Fabio + OMEGA - -
Big size products assembly system design: a literature review and future research agenda 2018 Battini DariaCalzavara MartinaFinco SerenaPersona AlessandroSgarbossa Fabio - - Twentieth International Working Seminar on Production Economics - PRE-PRINTS
Integrating mocap system and immersive reality for efficient human-centred workstation design 2018 Daria, BattiniMartina, CalzavaraAlessandro, PersonaFabio, SgarbossaValentina, VisentinZennaro, Ilenia IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
Microdowntime - Data collection, Analysis and Impact on OEE in Bottling Lines: The San Benedetto Case Study 2018 Battini D.Persona A.Sgarbossa F.Zennaro I. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUALITY AND RELIABILITY MANAGEMENT - -
A method to choose between carton from rack picking or carton from pallet picking 2018 Battini, DariaCalzavara, MartinaPersona, AlessandroSgarbossa, Fabio COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING - -
The effects of human fatigue on learning in order picking: an explorative experimental investigation 2018 Sgarbossa, F.Calzavara, M. + IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
A Model to Optimize the Reference Storage Assignment in a Supermarket to Expedite the Part Feeding Activities 2018 Zangaro, FrancescoBattini, DariaCalzavara, MartinaPersona, AlessandroSgarbossa, Fabio IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
A Sustainable Order Quantity model under a Cap and Trade system 2018 Battini DariaCalzavara MartinaSgarbossa FabioZangaro Francesco - - Proceedings of the 4th ICDSST International Conference on Decision Support System Technology
State of the art on design and management of material handling systems 2018 Zuin S.Sgarbossa F.Calzavara M.Persona A. - - Proceedings of the XXXIII Summer school "Francesco Turco"
Fatigue accumulation in the assignment of manual material handling activities to operators 2018 Valentina, VisentinFabio, SgarbossaMartina, CalzavaraAlessandro, Persona IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
Ultra Wide Band Indoor Positioning System: analysis and testing of an IPS technology 2018 ZUIN, SILVIAMartina, CalzavaraFabio, SgarbossaAlessandro, Persona IFAC-PAPERSONLINE - IFAC-PapersOnLine
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 156
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