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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Regional policy mixes for enterprise and innovation: A fuzzy-set clustering approach 2018 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING. C, GOVERNMENT & POLICY - -
The role of leading firms in explaining evolutionary paths of growth<. Italian and Turkish clusters on the move 2018 Fiorenza BelussiAnnalisa Caloffi - - Agglomeration and fir performance
MNEs and clusters: the creation of place-anchored value chains 2018 Belussi F.Caloffi A.& Sedita + - - Local Clusters in Global Value Chains. Linking Actors and Territories Through Manufacturing and Innovation
System-based, light and complex: industrial and local development policies in the thought of Giacomo Becattini 2017 CALOFFI, A ECONOMIA E POLITICA INDUSTRIALE - -
Enterprise and innovation policy in Italy: an overview of the recent facts 2017 Caloffi, A + REVUE D'ECONOMIE INDUSTRIELLE - -
Le imprese del distretto della riviera del Brenta tra global brand e multinazionali 2017 Fiorenza BelussiAnnalisa CaloffiSilvia Rita Sedita + ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE - -
Networked by design: Can policy requirements influence organisations' networking behaviour? 2016 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE - -
Industrial policies in a Marshallian-based multilevel perspective 2016 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
Cognitive distance in public procurement and public–private partnerships: An analysis of the construction sector 2016 CALOFFI, ANNALISAGAMBAROTTO, FRANCESCA ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING. C, GOVERNMENT & POLICY - -
What Makes SMEs more Likely to Collaborate? Analysing the Role of Regional Innovation Policy 2015 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
The emergence of intermediary organizations: a network-based approach to the design of innovation policies 2015 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + - - Handbook on Complexity and Public Policy
il territorio nelle politiche per le imprese e l'innovazione delle regioni italiane 2014 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + - - I nuovi distretti industriali
Founders and disseminators of cluster research 2014 SEDITA, SILVIA RITACALOFFI, ANNALISA + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
The “donut model” of the cluster concept life cycle 2014 CALOFFI, ANNALISASEDITA, SILVIA RITA + - - Annual Meeting Programme
Founders and disseminators of cluster research 2014 SEDITA, SILVIA RITACALOFFI, ANNALISA + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
I nuovi distretti industriali 2014 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + - - -
Alcuni spunti di riflessione sulle politiche di sostegno alle PPP per l’innovazione e lo sviluppo del territorio: il caso del settore delle costruzioni 2014 CALOFFI, ANNALISA - - Traiettorie evolutive della filiera allargata delle costruzioni edili: il parternariato pubblico-privato come leva competitiva
The footwear industry in Turkey and in Italy, EU SHOEcoll project report 2013 BELUSSI, FIORENZACALOFFI, ANNALISA - - -
Le politiche industriali delle regioni italiane: una rassegna dei recenti interventi 2013 CALOFFI, ANNALISA + - - La finanza territoriale. Rapporto 2013
The Shoecoll project: learning within clusters and from external linkages 2013 BELUSSI, FIORENZACALOFFI, ANNALISA + - - The shoecall projects
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 54
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