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Reflection, transmission, and surface susceptibility tensor of two-dimensional materials 2022 Dell'Anna L.Merano M. + PHYSICAL REVIEW A - -
Entanglement properties and ground-state statistics of free bosons 2022 Dell'Anna, Luca PHYSICAL REVIEW A - -
Critical temperature in the BCS-BEC crossover with spin-orbit coupling 2021 Dell'anna L. + CONDENSED MATTER - -
Bound states for massive Dirac fermions in graphene in a magnetic step field 2021 Dell'Anna L. + THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. B, CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS - -
Optical detection of the susceptibility tensor in two-dimensional crystals 2021 Xu Z.Ferraro D.Zaltron A.Galvanetto N.Martucci A.Marsili M.Dell'Anna L.Umari P.Merano M. + COMMUNICATIONS PHYSICS - -
On the descriptive power of Neural Networks as constrained Tensor Networks with exponentially large bond dimension 2021 Luca Dell'AnnaSimone Montangero + SCIPOST PHYSICS CORE - -
Solvable delay model for epidemic spreading: the case of Covid-19 in Italy 2020 Dell’Anna, Luca SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Multiband Material with a Quasi-1D Band as a Robust High-Temperature Superconductor 2020 Perali, ADell'Anna, L + PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS - -
Edge states of the long-range Kitaev chain: An analytical study 2020 Dell'Anna L. + PHYSICAL REVIEW. B - -
Dynamics and correlations in Motzkin and Fredkin spin chains 2019 Dell’Anna, L + JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL MECHANICS: THEORY AND EXPERIMENT - -
Universal dynamical scaling of long-range topological superconductors 2019 Dell'Anna, Luca + PHYSICAL REVIEW. B - -
Localization transitions and mobility edges in coupled Aubry-André chains 2019 Rossignolo, M.Dell'Anna, L. PHYSICAL REVIEW. B - -
Optical response of a bilayer crystal 2019 Dell'Anna, LucaMerano, Michele PHYSICAL REVIEW A - -
Long-distance entanglement in Motzkin and Fredkin spin chains 2019 Dell'Anna, Luca SCIPOST PHYSICS - -
Projective quantum Monte Carlo simulations guided by unrestricted neural network states 2018 Dell'Anna LPilati S + PHYSICAL REVIEW. B - -
From Klein to anti-Klein tunneling in graphene tuning the Rashba spin-orbit interaction or the bilayer coupling 2018 Dell'Anna, L + JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONDENSED MATTER - -
Effective Control of Chemical Potentials by Rabi Coupling with RF-Fields in Ultracold Mixtures 2018 Lepori, LucaDell’Anna, LucaTrombettoni, Andrea + CONDENSED MATTER - -
Haldane topological orders in Motzkin spin chains 2017 Dell'Anna, L.TROMBETTONI, ANDREA + PHYSICAL REVIEW. B - -
Long-range topological insulators and weakened bulk-boundary correspondence 2017 LEPORI, LUCADell'Anna, L. NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS - -
A study of the brightest peaks in the diffraction pattern of Fibonacci gratings 2017 VITTADELLO, LAURADELL'ANNA, LUCAMERANO, MICHELEROSSETTO, NICOLABAZZAN, MARCO + JOURNAL OF OPTICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 68
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