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Derivatization, an Applicable Asset for Conventional HPLC Systems without MS Detection in Food and Miscellaneous Analysis 2022 Dogra, RaghavRoverso, MarcoBogialli, SaraPastore, Paolo + CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY - -
A versatile Fe(II) diketonate diamine adduct: Preparation, characterization and validation in the chemical vapor deposition of iron oxide nanomaterials 2022 Barreca D.Bigiani L.Gasparotto A.Fois E.Roverso M.Bogialli S.Maccato C. + MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS - -
Mass spectrometry-based “omics” technologies for the study of gestational diabetes and the discovery of new biomarkers 2022 Roverso M.Dogra R.Visentin S.Cappellin L.Pastore P.Bogialli S. + MASS SPECTROMETRY REVIEWS - -
The Metabolic Activation of Sofosbuvir Is Impaired in an Experimental Model of NAFLD 2022 Gabbia D.Roverso M.Sarcognato S.Zanotto I.Ferri N.Russo F. P.Guido M.Bogialli S.De Martin S. BIOLOGY - -
Diffusion-driven formation of Co3O4 nanopetals layers for photoelectrochemical degradation of organophosphate pesticides 2022 Kalinic, B.Girardi, L.Ragonese, P.Faramawy, A.Mattei, G.Frasconi, M.Baretta, R.Bogialli, S.Roverso, M.Rizzi, G. A.Maurizio, C. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE - -
Single-Walled Carbon Nanohorns as Boosting Surface for the Analysis of Low-Molecular-Weight Compounds by SALDI-MS 2022 Roverso M.Dogra R.Badocco D.Cappellin L.Pastore P.Bogialli S. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Tyrosine kinase inhibitor prodrug-loaded liposomes for controlled release at tumor microenvironment 2021 Salmaso S.Mastrotto F.Roverso M.Gandin V.De Martin S.Gabbia D.De Franco M.Vaccarin C.Verona M.Chilin A.Caliceti P.Bogialli S.Marzaro G. JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE - -
Novel correlations between spectroscopic and morphological properties of activated carbons from waste coffee grounds 2021 Rosson E.Sgarbossa P.Mozzon M.Bogialli S.Glisenti A.Carturan S. M.Famengo A.Zorzi F.Bertani R. + PROCESSES - -
Behavior of Sulfonephthalein and Azo dyes as effective pH sensors in hybrid materials 2021 Badocco D.Bogialli S.Cappellin L.Pastore P. + MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL - -
Mononuclear and dinuclear gold(i) complexes with a caffeine-based di(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligand: synthesis, reactivity and structural DFT analysis 2021 Scattolin, ThomasBevilacqua, MatteoBaron, MarcoOrian, LauraBiffis, AndreaMenegazzo, IleanaRoverso, MarcoBogialli, SaraTubaro, Cristina + NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY - -
Effects of the Fragrance Galaxolide on the Biomarker Responses of the Clam Ruditapes philippinarum 2021 Rilievo, GrazianoFabrello, JacopoRoverso, MarcoBogialli, SaraMatozzo, Valerio JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - -
New insights in the slow ligand exchange reaction between Cr(III)-EDTA and Fe(III), and direct analysis of free and complexed EDTA in tannery wastewaters by liquid chromatography - Tandem mass spectrometry 2021 Roverso, MarcoDi Marco, ValerioFavaro, GabriellaDi Gangi, Iole MariaBadocco, DenisTapparo, AndreaBogialli, SaraPastore, Paolo + CHEMOSPHERE - -
Bioremediation of Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) by Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803: A Chassis for a Synthetic Biology Approach 2021 Marchetto, FrancescaRoverso, MarcoRighetti, DavideBogialli, SaraFilippini, FrancescoBergantino, ElisabettaSforza, Eleonora LIFE - -
Use of a simple empirical model for the accurate conversion of the seawater pH value measured with NIST calibration into seawater pH scales 2021 Badocco D.Pedrini F.di Marco V.Marin M. G.Bogialli S.Roverso M.Pastore P. + TALANTA - -
Refill liquids for electronic cigarettes display peculiar toxicity on human endothelial cells 2021 De Martin, SaraGabbia, DanielaBogialli, SaraCappellin, Luca + TOXICOLOGY REPORTS - -
Corrigendum to “Use of a simple empirical model for the accurate conversion of the seawater pH value measured with NIST calibration into seawater pH scales” [Talanta 225 (2021) 122051] (Talanta (2021) 225, (S0039914020313424), (10.1016/j.talanta.2020.122051)) 2021 Badocco D.Pastore A.di Marco V.Marin M. G.Bogialli S.Roverso M.Pastore P. + TALANTA - -
Methiocarb metabolites are systemically distributed throughout corn plants grown from coated seeds 2021 Lentola, AndreaGiorio, ChiaraBogialli, SaraRoverso, MarcoMarzaro, MatteoGirolami, VincenzoTapparo, Andrea ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS - -
Facile preparation of a cobalt diamine diketonate adduct as a potential vapor phase precursor for Co3O4 films 2021 Barreca D.Bigiani L.Gasparotto A.Roverso M.Bogialli S.Maccato C. + DALTON TRANSACTIONS - -
Ph colorimetric sensor arrays: Role of the color space adopted for the calculation of the prediction error 2020 Pastore A.Badocco D.Bogialli S.Cappellin L.Pastore P. SENSORS - -
Use of a mixed cationic-reverse phase column for analyzing small highly polar metabolic markers in biological fluids for multiclass lc-hrms method 2020 Roverso M.Favaro G.Pastore P.Bogialli S. + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 111
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