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NOG-Derived Peptides Can Restore Neuritogenesis on a CRASH Syndrome Cell Model 2022 Gasparotto, MatteoHernandez Gomez, Yuriko SuemiPeterle, DanieleGrinzato, AlessandroPontarollo, GiuliaAcquasaliente, LauraBergantino, ElisabettaDe Filippis, VincenzoFilippini, Francesco + BIOMEDICINES - -
Exogenous human α-Synuclein acts in vitro as a mild platelet antiaggregant inhibiting α-thrombin-induced platelet activation 2022 Acquasaliente, LauraPontarollo, GiuliaRadu, Claudia MariaPeterle, DanieleArtusi, IlariaPagotto, AnnaNegro, AlessandroSimioni, PaoloDe Filippis, Vincenzo + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Sperm cholesterol content modifies sperm function and trpv1‐mediated sperm migration 2021 De Toni L.Sabovic I.De Filippis V.Acquasaliente L.Peterle D.Guidolin D.Sut S.Di Nisio A.Foresta C.Garolla A. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Structural Features and Toxicity of α-Synuclein Oligomers Grown in the Presence of DOPAC 2021 Luana PalazziBenedetta FongaroLaura AcquasalientePatrizia Polverino de Laureto + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Mapping specificity, cleavage entropy, allosteric changes and substrates of blood proteases in a high-throughput screen 2021 Acquasaliente L.De Filippis V. + NATURE COMMUNICATIONS - -
Von Willebrand factor multimers and the relaxation response: A one-year study 2021 Dal Lin C.Acquasaliente L.Iliceto S.De Filippis V.Tona F. + ENTROPY - -
A conserved Neurite Outgrowth and Guidance motif with biomimetic potential in neuronal Cell Adhesion Molecules 2021 Scapin, GiorgiaGasparotto, MatteoPeterle, DanieleTescari, SimonePorcellato, ElenaPiovesan, AlbertoRighetto, IreneAcquasaliente, LauraDe Filippis, VincenzoFilippini, Francesco COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL - -
Endocrine Disruption of Vitamin D Activity by Perfluoro-Octanoic Acid (PFOA) 2020 Andrea Di NisioMaria Santa RoccaLuca De ToniIva SabovicDiego GuidolinStefano Dall’AcquaLaura AcquasalienteVincenzo De FilippisMario PlebaniCarlo Foresta SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Perfluorooctanoic acid alters progesterone activity in human endometrial cells and induces reproductive alterations in young women 2020 MS RoccaM De Rocco PonceD GuidolinL AcquasalienteL. De ToniC. Foresta + CHEMOSPHERE - -
Effects of point mutations in the binding pocket of the mouse major urinary protein MUP20 on ligand affinity and specificity 2019 Ricatti, JimenaAcquasaliente, LauraDe Filippis, VincenzoBarollo, SusiPezzani, RaffaeleZagotto, GiuseppeMucignat-Caretta, Carla + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
The role of bacterial proteases in prothrombin activation. 2019 De Filippis V.Pontarollo G.Peterle D.Artusi I.Castagliuolo I.Acquasaliente L. + - - European congress of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.
Endocrine disruption of androgenic activity by perfluoroalkyl substances: clinical and experimental evidence 2019 Di Nisio, AndreaSABOVIC, IVAValente, UmbertoTescari, SimoneRocca, Maria SantaGuidolin, DiegoDall'Acqua, StefanoAcquasaliente, LauraPozzi, NicolaPlebani, MarioGarolla, AndreaForesta, Carlo THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM - -
Polyphenols as Potential Therapeutic Drugs in Neurodegeneration 2019 Polverino de Laureto, PatriziaPalazzi, LuanaAcquasaliente, Laura - - -
Probing prothrombin structure by limited proteolysis 2019 Acquasaliente L. + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Protein Engineering by Chemical Methods: Incorporation of Nonnatural Amino Acids as a Tool for Studying Protein Folding, Stability, and Function 2018 Vincenzo De FilippisNicola PozziLaura AcquasalienteARTUSI, ILARIAGiulia PontarolloDaniele Peterle PEPTIDE SCIENCES - -
Noncoded amino acids in protein engineering: Structure-activity relationship studies of hirudin-thrombin interaction 2018 De Filippis, VincenzoAcquasaliente, LauraPontarollo, GiuliaPeterle, Daniele BIOTECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY - -
Lupus anticoagulant identifies two distinct groups of patients with different antibody patterns 2018 Pengo, V.Ruffatti, A.Bison, E.Pontara, E.Testa, S.Pozzi, N.Peterle, D.Acquasaliente, L.De Filippis, V.Denas, G. + THROMBOSIS RESEARCH - -
Characterization of a catalytically active thrombin precursor generated by non-canonical proteolytic activation 2018 Acquasaliente L. + - - 25th International Fibrinogen and 3rd International Factor XIII Workshop
Importance of Prothrombin domains on the mechanism of activation. 2018 Acquasaliente L + - - BMB Retreat – SLU
Interplay between conformational selection and zymogen activation 2018 Acquasaliente, Laura + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 49
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