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Editorial: Molecular Characterization of Humic Substances and Regulatory Processes Activated in Plants 2022 Nardi S.Schiavon M.Muscolo A.Pizzeghello D.Ertani A. + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
The impact of covid-19 on horticulture: Critical issues and opportunities derived from an unexpected occurrence 2021 Nicoletto C.Ertani A.Sambo P. + HORTICULTURAE - -
Humic substances (HS) as plant biostimulant in agricolture. 2020 Ertani AndreaSchiavon MichelaSerenella Nardi - - Biostimulants for suitable crop production
Bioactivity of size-fractionated and unfractionated humic substances from two forest soils and comparative effects on N and S metabolism, nutrition and root anatomy of Allium sativum L. 2020 Pizzeghello DSchiavon MFrancioso ODalla Vecchia FErtani ANardi S FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
Selenium biofortification in the 21st century: status and challenges for healthy human nutrition 2020 Schiavon MNardi SDalla Vecchia FErtani A PLANT AND SOIL - -
Chitosan applied as a grapevine biostimulant modulates grape composition and wine quality 2019 Alessandro BottonAndrea ErtaniAnna LanteGiovanna LomolinoFranco MeggioSerenella NardiGabriella PasiniAndrea PitaccoMichela SchiavonPiergiorgio StevanatoAndrea SquartiniFederica TinelloSimone VincenziAndrea Curioni - - OENOIVAS 2019
Manure fertilization gives high-quality earthworm coprolites with positive effects on plant growth and N metabolism 2019 Schiavon M.Ertani A.Francioso O.Nardi S. AGRONOMY - -
Principali composti ad azione biologica nei biostimolanti: tecniche analitiche per la caratterizzazione, biosaggi e confronto con i fertilizzanti di sintesi 2019 Andrea ErtaniMichela SchiavonSerenella nardi - - Biostimolanti in agricoltura
Short-Term Application of Polymer-Coated Mono-Ammonium Phosphate in a Calcareous Soil Affects the Pools of Available Phosphorus and the Growth of Hypericum × moserianum (L.) 2019 Diego PizzeghelloMichela SchiavonLaura MarettoPiergiorgio StevanatoAndrea ErtaniAdriano AltissimoSerenella Nardi FRONTIERS IN SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS - -
Combined effects on plant trait composition and soil properties by an alien tree species: perspectives from a black locust case study 2019 Tommaso SitziaThomas CampagnaroS. NardiA. Ertani + - - 15th Ecology and Management of Alien Plant invasions (EMAPi) book of abstracts: Integrating research, management and policy
Effects of two protein hydrolysates obtained from Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and Spirulina platensis on zea mays (L.) plants 2019 Ertani A.Nardi S.Francioso O.Schiavon M. + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
Sostanze umiche in: Biostimolanti Per Un’agricoltura Sostenibile. Cosa sono, come agiscono e modalità di utilizzo 2019 Ertani AndreaSchiavon MichelaNardi Serenella - - BIOSTIMOLANTI IN AGRICOLTURA - Presupposti scientifici e applicazioni pratiche
Metabolite targeted analysis and physiological traits of zea mays L. In response to application of a leonardite-humate and lignosulfonate-based products for their evaluation as potential biostimulants 2019 Ertani A.Nardi S.Francioso O.Pizzeghello D.Schiavon M. + AGRONOMY - -
Heart of darkness: an interdisciplinary investigation of the urban anthropic deposits of the Baptistery of Padua (Italy) 2018 Nicosia, CristianoErtani, AndreaNardi, SerenellaBrogiolo, Gian PietroArnau, Alexandra ChavarriaBECHERINI, FRANCESCA + ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCES - -
Root exudates involvement in tomato plants response to low P levels 2018 Schiavon M.Ertani A.Nardi S. + - - Proceedings of XXXVI Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana di Chimica Agraria (SICA)
Spectroscopic-chemical fingerprint and biostimulant activity of a protein-based product in solid form 2018 Ertani, AndreaFrancioso, OrnellaSchiavon, MichelaNardi, Serenella + MOLECULES - -
Evaluation of Seaweed Extracts from Laminaria and Ascophyllum nodosum spp. as Biostimulants in Zea mays L. Using a Combination of Chemical, Biochemical and Morphological Approaches 2018 Andrea ErtaniOrnella FranciosoMichela SchiavonSerenella Nardi + - - Atti del Workshop: Il ruolo dei biostimolanti nello sviluppo sostenibile dell’ortofrutticoltura
The invasion of abandoned fields by a major alien tree filters understory plant traits in novel forest ecosystems 2018 T. SitziaT. CampagnaroS. NardiA. Ertani + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Hormone-like activity of the soil organic matter 2018 Nardi, SerenellaPizzeghello, DiegoErtani, Andrea APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY - -
Biostimulant potential of humic acids extracted from an amendment obtained via combination of olive mill wastewaters (OMW) and a pre-treated organic material derived from municipal solid waste (MSW) 2018 Schiavon, MichelaNardi, SerenellaErtani, AndreaCELANO, GIUSEPPE + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
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