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Performance of non-invasive respiratory function indices in predicting clinical outcomes in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 pneumonia in medical and sub-intensive wards: a retrospective cohort study 2022 Piano S.Gambino C.Vettor R.Angeli P. + INTERNAL AND EMERGENCY MEDICINE - -
Baveno VII – Renewing consensus in portal hypertension 2022 Piano S.Pinzani M.Senzolo M. + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Urinary L-FABP is a promising prognostic biomarker of ACLF and mortality in patients with decompensated cirrhosis 2022 Piano S. + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Location and allocation: inequity of access to liver transplantation for patients with severe acute-on-chronic liver failure in Europe 2022 Piano, SalvatoreAngeli, Paolo + LIVER TRANSPLANTATION - -
Cardiopulmonary Complications in Cirrhotic Patient with the Prospective of Liver Transplant 2022 Carmine GambinoSalvatore PianoPaolo Angeli - - Textbook of Liver Transplantation
Corrigendum to ‘Baveno VII – Renewing consensus in portal hypertension’ [J Hepatol (2022) 959-974] 2022 Piano S.Pinzani M.Senzolo M. + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Acute on chronic liver failure in cirrhosis 2022 Tonon M.Piano S. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY - -
Evaluation of the Kinetics of Antibody Response to COVID-19 Vaccine in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: The Prospective Multicenter ORCHESTRA Cohort 2022 Cillo, UmbertoGerosa, GinoCananzi, MaraPiano, SalvatoreBenetti, ElisaBurra, PatriziaFurian, LucreziaCarraro, Amedeo + MICROORGANISMS - -
Response to Terlipressin and Albumin Is Associated With Improved Liver Transplant Outcomes in Patients With Hepatorenal Syndrome 2021 Piano, SalvatoreGambino, CarmineVettore, EliaCalvino, ValeriaTonon, MartaBoccagni, PatriziaGringeri, EnricoGermani, GiacomoBurra, PatriziaCillo, UmbertoAngeli, Paolo HEPATOLOGY - -
On-treatment serum albumin level can guide long-term treatment in patients with cirrhosis and uncomplicated ascites 2021 Caraceni, PaoloAngeli, PaoloLaffi, GiacomoToniutto, PierluigiPiano, Salvatore + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Clinical features and evolution of bacterial infection-related acute-on-chronic liver failure 2021 Piano, SalvatoreAngeli, Paolo + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Identifying the four shades of acute decompensation of cirrhosis 2021 Gambino C.Piano S. UNITED EUROPEAN GASTROENTEROLOGY JOURNAL - -
Changes in the epidemiology and management of bacterial infections in cirrhosis 2021 Piano, SalvatoreTonon, MartaAngeli, Paolo CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY - -
The use of Rifaximin in Patients with Cirrhosis 2021 Angeli, PaoloSalvatore, Piano + HEPATOLOGY - -
Italian association for the study of the liver position statement on SARS-CoV2 vaccination 2021 Russo F. P.Piano S.Bruno R.Burra P.Montagnese S. + DIGESTIVE AND LIVER DISEASE - -
Liver transplantation for patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) in Europe: results of the ELITA/EF-CLIF collaborative study (ECLIS) 2021 Piano, SalvatoreAngeli, Paolo + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Bacterial Infections in Cirrhosis as a Cause or Consequence of Decompensation? 2021 Piano S.Angeli P. CLINICS IN LIVER DISEASE - -
Effects of a reorganization of cirrhosis care during the lockdown for SARS-CoV-2 outbreak 2021 Piano S.Angeli P.Tonon M.Calvino V.Pontisso P. + JHEP REPORTS - -
Management of bacterial and fungal infections in cirrhosis: The MDRO challenge 2021 Piano, Salvatore + JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 115
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