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Comparing home and parcel lockers' delivery systems: A math-heuristic approach 2022 Ceccato R.Gastaldi M.Rossi R. + TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Cost-effectiveness analysis of Origin-Destination matrices estimation using Floating Car Data. Experimental results from two real cases 2022 Ceccato R.Gecchele G.Rossi R.Gastaldi M. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
How precision teaching can shape drivers' lateral control over time 2022 Riccardo RossiGiulia De CetFederico OrsiniMassimiliano Gastaldi + TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
A comparative simulator study of reaction times to yellow traffic light under manual and automated driving 2021 Riccardo RossiMassimiliano GastaldiFederico OrsiniGiulia De CetClaudio Meneguzzer TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
A conflict-based approach for real-time road safety analysis: Comparative evaluation with crash-based models 2021 Orsini F.Gecchele G.Rossi R.Gastaldi M. ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION - -
Travel demand prediction during covid‐19 pandemic: Educational and working trips at the university of padova 2021 Ceccato R.Rossi R.Gastaldi M. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Safety analysis of unsignalized intersections: a bivariate extreme value approach 2021 Gastaldi M.Orsini F.Gecchele G.Rossi R. TRANSPORTATION LETTERS - -
Highway deceleration lane safety: Effects of real-time coaching programs on driving behavior 2021 Orsini F.Tagliabue M.De Cet G.Gastaldi M.Rossi R. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Real-time conflict prediction: a comparative study of machine learning classifiers 2021 Orsini, FedericoGecchele, GregorioGastaldi, MassimilianoRossi, Riccardo TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Evaluating the impact of real-time coaching programs on drivers overtaking cyclists 2021 Rossi, RiccardoOrsini, FedericoTagliabue, MariaelenaDi Stasi, Leandro L.De Cet, GiuliaGastaldi, Massimiliano TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F: TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR - -
Reducing Elevated Gravitational-Force Events through visual feedback: a simulator study 2021 Riccardo RossiMariaelena TagliabueMassimiliano GastaldiGiulia De CetFrancesca FreuliFederico OrsiniGiulio Vidotto + TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Editorial: Effects of Driver Support Systems on Cognitive and Affective Processes Underlying Driving Behaviors 2021 Tagliabue MariaelenaGastaldi Massimiliano + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Visual Feedback Effectiveness in Reducing Over Speeding of Moped-Riders 2021 Tagliabue M.Rossi R.Gastaldi M.De Cet G.Freuli F.Orsini F.Di Stasi L. L.Vidotto G. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Gap-acceptance behavior at roundabouts: Validation of a driving simulator environment using field observations 2020 Rossi R.Meneguzzer C.Orsini F.Gastaldi M. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
A Driving Simulator Study Exploring the Effect of Different Mental Models on ADAS System Effectiveness 2020 Rossi, RiccardoGastaldi, MassimilianoBiondi, FrancescoOrsini, FedericoDe Cet, GiuliaMulatti, Claudio - LECTURE NOTES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics
Precision teaching to improve drivers’ lane maintenance 2020 Biondi F. N.Rossi R.Gastaldi M.Orsini F.Mulatti C. JOURNAL OF SAFETY RESEARCH - -
Cross-cultural perspective of driving style in young adults: Psychometric evaluation through the analysis of the Multidimensional Driving Style Inventory. 2020 Freuli F.De Cet G.Gastaldi M.Orsini F.Tagliabue M.Rossi R.Vidotto G. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F: TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR - -
Reaction Time to Yellow Traffic Light for Manual and Autonomous Vehicle. A Comparative Driving Simulator Study 2020 Riccardo RossiMassimiliano GastaldiFederico OrsiniGiulia De CetClaudio Meneguzzer - - TRB 99th Annual Meeting
Large-scale road safety evaluation using extreme value theory 2020 Orsini, FedericoGecchele, GregorioGastaldi, MassimilianoRossi, Riccardo IET INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS - -
Transferability and seasonality in extreme value theory applications to road safety: A case study in an Italian motorway 2020 Orsini F.Gecchele G.Gastaldi M.Rossi R. ADVANCES IN TRANSPORTATION STUDIES - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 132
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