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Comparing home and parcel lockers' delivery systems: A math-heuristic approach 2022 Ceccato R.Gastaldi M.Rossi R. + TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Cost-effectiveness analysis of Origin-Destination matrices estimation using Floating Car Data. Experimental results from two real cases 2022 Ceccato R.Gecchele G.Rossi R.Gastaldi M. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
How precision teaching can shape drivers' lateral control over time 2022 Riccardo RossiGiulia De CetFederico OrsiniMassimiliano Gastaldi + TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
A comparative simulator study of reaction times to yellow traffic light under manual and automated driving 2021 Riccardo RossiMassimiliano GastaldiFederico OrsiniGiulia De CetClaudio Meneguzzer TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
A conflict-based approach for real-time road safety analysis: Comparative evaluation with crash-based models 2021 Orsini F.Gecchele G.Rossi R.Gastaldi M. ACCIDENT ANALYSIS AND PREVENTION - -
Safety analysis of unsignalized intersections: a bivariate extreme value approach 2021 Gastaldi M.Orsini F.Gecchele G.Rossi R. TRANSPORTATION LETTERS - -
Highway deceleration lane safety: Effects of real-time coaching programs on driving behavior 2021 Orsini F.Tagliabue M.De Cet G.Gastaldi M.Rossi R. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Real-time conflict prediction: a comparative study of machine learning classifiers 2021 Orsini, FedericoGecchele, GregorioGastaldi, MassimilianoRossi, Riccardo TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Evaluating the impact of real-time coaching programs on drivers overtaking cyclists 2021 Rossi, RiccardoOrsini, FedericoTagliabue, MariaelenaDi Stasi, Leandro L.De Cet, GiuliaGastaldi, Massimiliano TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F: TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR - -
Reducing Elevated Gravitational-Force Events through visual feedback: a simulator study 2021 Riccardo RossiMariaelena TagliabueMassimiliano GastaldiGiulia De CetFrancesca FreuliFederico OrsiniGiulio Vidotto + TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Editorial: Effects of Driver Support Systems on Cognitive and Affective Processes Underlying Driving Behaviors 2021 Tagliabue MariaelenaGastaldi Massimiliano + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Visual Feedback Effectiveness in Reducing Over Speeding of Moped-Riders 2021 Tagliabue M.Rossi R.Gastaldi M.De Cet G.Freuli F.Orsini F.Di Stasi L. L.Vidotto G. FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Travel demand prediction during covid‐19 pandemic: Educational and working trips at the university of padova 2021 Ceccato R.Rossi R.Gastaldi M. SUSTAINABILITY - -
A Driving Simulator Study Exploring the Effect of Different Mental Models on ADAS System Effectiveness 2020 Rossi, RiccardoGastaldi, MassimilianoBiondi, FrancescoOrsini, FedericoDe Cet, GiuliaMulatti, Claudio - LECTURE NOTES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics
Gap-acceptance behavior at roundabouts: Validation of a driving simulator environment using field observations 2020 Rossi R.Meneguzzer C.Orsini F.Gastaldi M. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIA - -
Precision teaching to improve drivers’ lane maintenance 2020 Biondi F. N.Rossi R.Gastaldi M.Orsini F.Mulatti C. JOURNAL OF SAFETY RESEARCH - -
Cross-cultural perspective of driving style in young adults: Psychometric evaluation through the analysis of the Multidimensional Driving Style Inventory. 2020 Freuli F.De Cet G.Gastaldi M.Orsini F.Tagliabue M.Rossi R.Vidotto G. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART F: TRAFFIC PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR - -
Reaction Time to Yellow Traffic Light for Manual and Autonomous Vehicle. A Comparative Driving Simulator Study 2020 Riccardo RossiMassimiliano GastaldiFederico OrsiniGiulia De CetClaudio Meneguzzer - - TRB 99th Annual Meeting
Effect of road traffic on air pollution. Experimental evidence from covid-19 lockdown 2020 Rossi R.Ceccato R.Gastaldi M. SUSTAINABILITY - -
Large-scale road safety evaluation using extreme value theory 2020 Orsini, FedericoGecchele, GregorioGastaldi, MassimilianoRossi, Riccardo IET INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 132
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