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Anthropometrics, Dietary Intake and Body Composition in Urea Cycle Disorders and Branched Chain Organic Acidemias: A Case Study of 18 Adults on Low-Protein Diets 2022 Gugelmo G.Lenzini L.Fasan I.Spinella P.Valentini R.Avogaro A.Vitturi N. + NUTRIENTS - -
Falls may trigger body weight decline in nursing home residents 2021 Trevisan C.Mazzochin M.Greco G. I.Maggi S.Spinella P.Manzato E.Sergi G. + NUTRITION - -
Assessment of protein intake in the first three months after sleeve gastrectomy in patients with severe obesity 2021 Bertoni L.Valentini R.Zattarin A.Belligoli A.Bettini S.Vettor R.Foletto M.Spinella P.Busetto L. NUTRIENTS - -
In search of the optimal cuff for blood pressure measurement in people with severe obesity 2021 Palatini P.Ermolao A.Spinella P.Battista F.Gasperetti A.Saladini F. + HYPERTENSION RESEARCH - -
Identification of a plausible serum uric acid cut-off value as prognostic marker of stroke: the Uric Acid Right for Heart Health (URRAH) study 2021 Tikhonoff V.Casiglia E.Spinella P.Desideri G.Masi S.Mazza A.Nazzaro P.Palatini P.Rattazzi M.Salvetti M.Tocci G.Verdecchia P.Virdis A.Borghi C. + JOURNAL OF HUMAN HYPERTENSION - -
The Dietary Approach to the Treatment of the Rare Genetic Tubulopathies Gitelman’s and Bartter’s Syndromes 2021 Gobbi LRavarotto VToniazzo SNalesso FSpinella PCalò LA. + NUTRIENTS - -
Polydatin prevents calcium pyrophosphate crystal-induced arthritis in mice 2021 Oliviero F.Galozzi P.Scanu A.Galuppini F.Lazzarin V.Brocco S.Sfriso P.Ramonda R.Spinella P.Punzi L.Pennelli G.Luisetto R. + NUTRIENTS - -
The Mediterranean diet and arthritis 2020 Oliviero FSfriso PGalozzi PPunzi LSpinella P - - The Mediterranean Diet (Second Edition). An Evidence-based Approach
Effect of the shape of the cuff on blood pressure measurement in people with large arms 2020 Palatini P.Benetti E.Fania C.Ermolao A.Spinella P.Battista F.Gasperetti A.Saladini F. BLOOD PRESSURE - -
Short-Term but not long-term blood pressure variability is a predictor of adverse cardiovascular outcomes in young untreated hypertensives 2020 Saladini F.Fania C.Mazzer A.Spinella P.Ermolao A.Rattazzi M.Palatini P. + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION - -
Chapter 36 - The Mediterranean diet and arthritis 2020 Francesca OlivieroPaolo Spinella - - The Mediterranean Diet: An Evidence-Based Approach, Second Edition
One year in review 2020: Gout 2020 Punzi L.Scanu A.Galozzi P.Luisetto R.Spinella P.Oliviero F. + CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY - -
Benefits of Probiotics in Rheumatic Diseases 2020 Oliviero, FrancescaSpinella, Paolo FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION - -
The uncertain effect of menopause on blood pressure 2019 Tikhonoff, ValérieCasiglia, EdoardoGasparotti, FedericaSpinella, Paolo JOURNAL OF HUMAN HYPERTENSION - -
Short-term blood pressure variability outweighs average 24-h blood pressure in the prediction of cardiovascular events in hypertension of the young 2019 Palatini, PaoloSaladini, FrancescaFania, ClaudioSpinella, PaoloCasiglia, Edoardo + JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION - -
Potential role of phytochemicals in metabolic syndrome prevention and therapy 2019 Francesco Francini-PesentiPaolo SpinellaLorenzo A calò DIABETES, METABOLIC SYNDROME AND OBESITY - -
Effects of Basal Heart Rate on Memory with Interference among 832 Unselected Hypertensive Subjects from General Population 2019 Valérie TikhonoffEdoardo CasigliaFederica AlbertiniFederica GasparottiPaolo Spinella + PSYCHOLOGY - -
Could nutritional therapy take us further in our approaches to Fabry disease? 2019 Francini-Pesenti, FrancescoRavarotto, VerdianaBertoldi, GiovanniSpinella, PaoloCalò, Lorenzo A. NUTRITION - -
Polydatin and Resveratrol Inhibit the Inflammatory Process Induced by Urate and Pyrophosphate Crystals in THP-1 Cells 2019 Oliviero, FrancescaBelluzzi, ElisaScanu, AnnaRamonda, RobertaSpinella, PaoloPunzi, Leonardo + FOODS - -
One year in review 2018: gout 2019 Punzi, LeonardoScanu, AnnaSpinella, PaoloGalozzi, PaolaOliviero, Francesca CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RHEUMATOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 92
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