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Liver histopathology in COVID-19 patients: A mono-Institutional series of liver biopsies and autopsy specimens 2021 Fassan M.Mescoli C.Sbaraglia M.Guzzardo V.Russo F. P.Fabris R.Pelizzaro F.Basso C.Navalesi P.Farinati F.Vettor R.Dei Tos A. P. + PATHOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE - -
Higher levels of C-reactive protein and ferritin in patients with overweight and obesity and SARS-CoV-2-related pneumonia 2021 Bettini S.Bucca G.Sensi C.Dal Pra C.Fabris R.Vettor R.Busetto L. OBESITY FACTS - -
Association of obstructive sleep apnea with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with obesity: an observational study 2021 Bettini S.Fabris R.Dal Pra C.Favaretto F.Dassie F.Vettor R.Busetto L. + EATING AND WEIGHT DISORDERS - -
Improvement of lipid profile after one‐anastomosis gastric bypass compared to sleeve gastrectomy 2021 Bettini S.Fabris R.Dal Pra C.Compagnin C.Foletto M.Vettor R.Busetto L. + NUTRIENTS - -
The Neglected Role of Bile Duct Epithelial Cells in NASH 2021 Cadamuro M.Lasagni A.Sarcognato S.Guido M.Fabris R.Simioni P.Fabris L. + SEMINARS IN LIVER DISEASE - -
Obesity and COVID-19: an Italian snapshot 2020 Busetto, LucaBettini, SilviaFabris, RobertoSerra, RobertoDal Pra', ChiaraMaffei, PietroRossato, MarcoFioretto, PaolaVettor, Roberto OBESITY - -
Diet approach before and after bariatric surgery (Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, (2020), 21, 3, (297-306), 10.1007/s11154-020-09571-8) 2020 Bettini S.Belligoli A.Fabris R.Busetto L. REVIEWS IN ENDOCRINE & METABOLIC DISORDERS - -
Short-term effects of surgical weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy on sex steroids plasma levels and PSA concentration in men with severe obesity 2020 Di Vincenzo, AngeloSilvestrin, ValentinaBERTOLI, ELEONORAFoletto, MirtoPagano, ClaudioFabris, RobertoVettor, RobertoBusetto, LucaRossato, Marco THE AGING MALE - -
Resting Energy Expenditure, Insulin Resistance and UCP1 Expression in Human Subcutaneous and Visceral Adipose Tissue of Patients With Obesity 2019 Silvia BettiniFrancesca FavarettoChiara CompagninAnna BelligoliMarta SannaRoberto FabrisRoberto SerraChiara Dal PràLuca PrevedelloMirto FolettoRoberto VettorGabriella MilanLuca Busetto FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY - -
SCCA-IgM as a Potential Biomarker of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Obesity, Prediabetes and Diabetes Undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy 2019 Bettini, SilviaBordigato, EmanuelMilan, GabriellaDal Pra', ChiaraFavaretto, FrancescaBelligoli, AnnaSanna, MartaSerra, RobertoFoletto, MirtoPrevedello, LucaBusetto, LucaVettor, RobertoFABRIS, ROBERTO + OBESITY FACTS - -
Characterization of subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue in patients with obesity and with different degrees of glucose impairment 2019 Belligoli, AnnaCompagnin, ChiaraSanna, MartaFavaretto, FrancescaFabris, RobertoBusetto, LucaFoletto, MirtoDal Prà, ChiaraSerra, RobertoPrevedello, LucaBardini, RomeoMescoli, ClaudiaRugge, MassimoFioretto, PaolaCONCI, SCILLABETTINI, SILVIAMilan, GabriellaVettor, Roberto + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Reduced plasma visfatin/pre-B cell colony-enhancing factor in obesity is not related to insulin resistance in humans. 2006 PAGANO, CLAUDIOMASON PFABRIS, ROBERTOSERRA, ROBERTOMILAN, GABRIELLAROSSATO, MARCOFEDERSPIL, GIOVANNIVETTOR, ROBERTO + THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM - -
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