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'Try to Say Things Straight, without Being Offensive, Obviously': Investigating the Pragmatics of Online Peer Review 2022 Fiona Clare Dalziel - - Pragmatic Aspects of L2 Communication: From Awareness through Description to Assessment
Student Translanguaging Practices in the EMI Classroom: A Study of Italian Higher Education 2021 Fiona Dalziel + - - English-Medium Instruction and Translanguaging
EMI and translanguaging: student language use in an Italian English-taught programme 2021 Dalziel - - EMI and Beyond: Internationalising Higher Education Curricula in Italy
Overcoming anxiety in adult migrants' language learning by means of Process Drama 2020 Fiona Clare Dalziel + GLOBAL EDUCATION REVIEW - -
Crosscultural Dialogue and Feedback among Higher Education Teachers: Enhancing Reflection through an Evidence and Technology-based Approach 2020 Fulvio BiddauFiona DalzielAnna SerbatiAlessio Surian - COLLOQUIA Dalle Teaching Machines al Machine Learning
Introduction 2019 Dalziel, FionaHelm, Francesca LANGUAGE LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION - -
Fostering Reflection in Academic Writing: An ELP Approach 2019 Fiona Clare Dalziel - - Portfolioarbeit im Kontext von Sprachenunterricht
Angeli neri: il mondo tenebroso di Cornell Woolrich nel cinema di François Truffaut 2017 Dalziel, Fiona Clare - - François Truffaut. La letteratura al cinema
Beyond the classroom: The impact of EMI on a university's linguistic landscape 2017 Helm, FrancescaDalziel, Fiona L'ANALISI LINGUISTICA E LETTERARIA - -
English-Medium Instruction and approaches to teaching: some reflections on experience at the University of Padova 2017 Dalziel, Fiona Clare - - Preparare alla professionalità docente e innovare la didattica universitaria
EMI at the University of Padova: an ecology of learning and teaching 2017 DALZIEL, FIONA CLARE - LINGUISTIC INSIGHTS Sharing Perspectives on English-Medium Instruction
Providing Lecturer Support for English_Medium Instruction: an Experience at Padova University's Language Centre 2016 ACKERLEY, KATHERINECLARK, CAROLINE MARY DE BOHUNDALZIEL, FIONA CLAREGUARDA, MARTA EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION IN TEACHING AND LEARNING - -
Using the ELP as a basis for self- and peer assessment when selecting "best" work in modern-language degree programmes 2016 DALZIEL, FIONA CLAREDAVIES, GILLIANHAN, AMY ELIZABETH LANGUAGE LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION - -
L'innovazione nell'apprendimento linguistico all'Università di Padova 2015 DALZIEL, FIONA CLAREHENROT, GENEVIEVE - - -
Integrating the European Language Portfolio into university language courses 2015 DALZIEL, FIONA CLARE - - L'innovazione nell'apprendimento linguistico all'Università di Padova
Integrating the European Language Portfolio into university language courses 2015 DALZIEL, FIONA CLARE - - L'innovazione nell'apprendimento linguistico all'Università di Padova
Inglese L1 e L2 a confronto: pragmatica e fraseologia in forum online 2014 ACKERLEY, KATHERINECASTELLO, ERIKDALZIEL, FIONA CLARE - - Ricerche in corso: Scritti in ricordo di Alessandro Zijno
Argumentation in Second-language Academic Writing: Teacher and Learner Perspectives 2013 DALZIEL, FIONA CLARE + - - EAP Within the Higher Education Garden: Cross-Pollination Between Disciplines, Departments and Research
Cut me no cuts: text adaptation in foreign-language theatre 2013 DALZIEL, FIONA CLARE - - Abeunt studia in mores. Saggi in onore di Mario Melchionda
Introduction 2012 DALZIEL, FIONA CLAREGESUATO, SARAMUSACCHIO, MARIA TERESA - - A lifetime of English Studies. Essays in honour of Carol Taylor Torsello
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