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Brief Research Report: How Do Claw Disorders Affect Activity, Body Weight, and Milk Yield of Multiparous Holstein Dairy Cows? 2022 Magrin L.Cozzi G.Lora I.Prevedello P.Gottardo F. FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
Assessment of Fermentative Quality of Ensiled High-Moisture Maize Grains by a Multivariate Modelling Approach 2022 Severino SegatoGiorgio MarchesiniLorenzo ServaBarbara ContieroLuisa MagrinIgino Andrighetto AGRONOMY - -
Short Communication: Prognostic Values of a Multiparametric Risk Score in Maize Silage Undergoing Different Ensiling Conditions 2022 Serva LorenzoMagrin LuisaMarchesini GiorgioAndrighetto Igino AGRONOMY - -
Data on Gastrointestinal and Claw Disorders as Possible Predictive Factors in Beef Cattle and Veal Calves' Health and Welfare 2022 Luisa MagrinBarbara ContieroGiulio CozziFlaviana Gottardo DATA - -
Assessment of the effectiveness of a portable NIRS instrument in controlling the mixer wagon tuning and ration management 2021 Serva L.Magrin L.Marchesini G.Andrighetto I. ANIMALS - -
Use of GC–MS and 1H NMR low-level data fusion as an advanced and comprehensive metabolomic approach to discriminate milk from dairy chains based on different types of forage 2021 Lanza I.Segato S.Contiero B.Magrin L.Cozzi G. + INTERNATIONAL DAIRY JOURNAL - -
Prognostic capacity assessment of a multiparameter risk score for aerobic stability of maize silage undergoing heterofermentative inoculation (Lactobacillus buchneri) in variable ensiling conditions 2021 Lorenzo ServaIgino AndrighettoGiorgio MarchesiniBarbara ContieroLuisa Magrin + ANIMAL FEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Assessment of Rumen Mucosa, Lung, and Liver Lesions at Slaughter as Benchmarking Tool for the Improvement of Finishing Beef Cattle Health and Welfare 2021 Magrin L.Brscic M.Lora I.Prevedello P.Contiero B.Cozzi G.Gottardo F. FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
Technical-economic analysis of ventilation systems used to mitigate heat stress in dairy cows 2021 Luisa MagrinFlaviana GottardoChiara MondinPaola PrevedelloSamuele Trestini ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Comparison between cow milk and a high-energy whey-based milk replacer for the weaning of Holstein dairy heifers. 2021 Isabella LoraGiovanna RanzatoLuisa MagrinGiulio Cozzi ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Short communication: The relationship between dietary particle size and undegraded neutral detergent fibre in lactating dairy cows: A prospective cohort observational study 2021 Serva L.Magrin L.Andrighetto I.Marchesini G. ANIMAL FEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Short communication: Reference intervals for claw dimensions of intensively finished Charolais and Limousin young bulls and heifers housed on different flooring systems 2020 Magrin L.Brscic M.Contiero B.Cozzi G.Gottardo F. LIVESTOCK SCIENCE - -
Routine claw trimming and cow behavioural variations as tools for early detection of claw disorders 2020 L. MagrinG. CozziI. LoraP. PrevedelloF. Gottardo - - Book of Abstracts of the 71th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science
Risk factors for claw disorders in intensively finished Charolais beef cattle 2020 Magrin L.Brscic M.Armato L.Contiero B.Cozzi G.Gottardo F. + PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE - -
Association between gastrointestinal tract, claw disorders, on-farm mortality and feeding management in veal calves 2020 Magrin, LuisaGottardo, FlavianaContiero, BarbaraCozzi, Giulio ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE - -
Wider slot in pens with fully slatted rubber mat flooring for fattening bulls: Effects on animal hygiene, health and welfare 2020 Magrin L.Gottardo F.Cozzi G. + LIVESTOCK SCIENCE - -
Prevalence of gastrointestinal, liver and claw disorders in veal calves fed large amounts of solid feed through a cross-sectional study 2020 Magrin L.Brscic M.Cozzi G.Armato L.Gottardo F. RESEARCH IN VETERINARY SCIENCE - -
An insight into the dairy chain of a Protected Designation of Origin cheese: The case study of Asiago cheese 2020 Lora I.Zidi A.Magrin L.Prevedello P.Cozzi G. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
A survey on sensor systems used in Italian dairy farms and comparison between performances of similar herds equipped or not equipped with sensors 2020 Lora, I.Gottardo, F.Contiero, B.Zidi, A.Magrin, L.Cassandro, M.Cozzi, G. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE - -
Characterization and typologies of dairy goat farms in the Mediterranean region: A case of Italy and Turkey 2020 Magrin, LuisaContiero, BarbaraGottardo, Flaviana + SMALL RUMINANT RESEARCH - -
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