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Effect of outdoor footwear bending stiffness on metatarsophalangeal joint kinematics, kinetics, and energy balance during level and uphill walking 2021 Zullo G.Marcolin G.Mistretta P.Petrone N. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART P, JOURNAL OF SPORTS ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY - -
The relationship between clinical tests, ultrasound findings and selected field-based wheelchair skills tests in a cohort of quadriplegic wheelchair rugby athletes: A pilot study 2021 Tognolo L.Pignataro A.Petrone N.Benazzato M.Marcolin G.Paoli A.Masiero S. + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
A novel multi-axial pressure sensor probe for measuring triaxial stress states inside soft materials 2021 Zullo G.Silvestroni A. L.Petrone N. + SENSORS - -
Simulatore robotico di camminata con cinematica e dinamica biofedeli 2021 petrone nicola - - -
Optimising classification of proximal arm strength impairment in wheelchair rugby: A proof of concept study 2021 Petrone N.Bettella F. + JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCES - -
Effect of a passive hip exoskeleton on walking distance in neurological patients 2021 Panizzolo, F ABelfiore, APetrone, NMarcolin, G + ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY - -
Innovative alignment of sprinting prostheses for persons with transfemoral amputation: Exploratory study on a gold medal Paralympic athlete 2020 Petrone N.Gri A. + PROSTHETICS AND ORTHOTICS INTERNATIONAL - -
Application of inertial motion unit-based kinematics to assess the effect of boot modifications on ski jump landings—a methodological study 2020 Petrone N.Supej M.Hansen J.Kersting U. G. + SENSORS - -
A three-dimensional parametric biomechanical rider model for multibody applications 2020 Bova M.Massaro M.Petrone N. APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Collection of Kinematic and Kinetic Data of Young and Adult, Male and Female Subjects Performing Periodic and Transient Gait Tasks for Gait Pattern Recognition 2020 Mistretta, PaoloMarchesini, CeciliaTagliapietra, LucaMenegatti, EmanuelePetrone, Nicola + PROCEEDINGS - -
The effect of foot setting on kinematic and kinetic skiing parameters during giant slalom: A single subject study on a Paralympic gold medalist sit skier 2020 Petrone, NicolaVanzetto, DarioMarcolin, Giuseppe + JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND MEDICINE IN SPORT - -
Comparison between Indoor Sled Tests on the SkillrunTM Treadmill and Outdoor Field Tests at Increasing Sled Loads 2020 Volpe, AlessandroMarcolin, GiuseppeZanuso, SilvanoPetrone, Nicola + PROCEEDINGS - -
Conceptual Design of a New Multi-Component Test Bench for the Dynamic Characterization of Running Specific Prostheses 2020 Nicola PetroneGianfabio CostaGianmario Foscan + PROCEEDINGS - -
Collection of Structural Loads Acting on Instrumented Running Specific Prostheses during Field Tests on Elite Atletes 2020 Petrone, NicolaCosta, GianfabioFoscan, GianmarioGri, Antonio + PROCEEDINGS - Proceedings
Kinematic bidimensional analysis of the propulsion technique in wheelchair rugby athletes 2020 Giordani F.Tonellato M.Benazzato M.Marcolin G.Bettella F.Alfredo M.Petrone N.Masiero S. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Personalized Tests in Paralympic Athletes: Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance Profile of Elite Wheelchair Rugby Players 2020 Marcolin G.Petrone N.Benazzato M.Gottardi A.Salmaso L.Corain L.Masiero S.Paoli A. + JOURNAL OF PERSONALIZED MEDICINE - -
Development of instrumented running prosthetic feet for the collection of track loads on elite athletes 2020 Petrone N.Gri A.Mazzanti L. + SENSORS - -
Fatigue life prediction of lightweight electric moped frames after field load spectra collection and constant amplitude fatigue bench tests 2019 N. PetroneG. Meneghetti INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE - -
Moderate treadmill run worsened static but not dynamic postural stability of healthy individuals 2019 Marcolin, GiuseppePetrone, NicolaPaoli, Antonio + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 196
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