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Conodont and radiolarian biostratigraphic age constraints on Carnian (Upper Triassic) chert-hosted stratiform manganese deposits from Panthalassa: Formation of deep-sea mineral resources during the Carnian pluvial episode 2022 Onoue T.Rigo M. + MARINE MICROPALEONTOLOGY - -
Terrestrial record of carbon-isotope shifts across the Norian/Rhaetian boundary: A high-resolution study from northwestern Sichuan Basin, South China 2022 Jin X.Shi Z.Onoue T.Rigo M. + GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE - -
Shallow ocean oxygen decline during the end-Triassic mass extinction 2022 Dal Corso J.Di Stefano P.Rigo M. + GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE - -
Evolutionary Process from Mockina bidentata to Parvigondolella andrusovi: Evidence from the Pizzo Mondello Section, Sicily, Italy 2021 Du Y.Rigo M. + JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE - -
Revision of the Conodont Mockina slovakensis and Its Paleogeographic Implications for the Upper Triassic Intraplatform Basins of the Alps 2021 Du Y.Roghi G.Rigo M. + JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE - -
Correlation between the Warepan/Otapirian and the Norian/Rhaetian stage boundary: implications of a global negative δ13Corg perturbation 2021 Rigo M. + NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS - -
What kind of calcite? Disclosing the origin of sparry calcite temper in ancient ceramics 2021 Maritan LaraGanzarolli GiovannaRigo ManuelColetti ChiaraMazzoli ClaudioVedovetto PaoloChavarria Arnau Alexandra + JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE - -
Marine osmium isotope record during the Carnian “pluvial episode” (Late Triassic) in the pelagic Panthalassa Ocean 2021 Sato H.Rigo M. + GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE - -
Sedimentary record of Upper Triassic impact in the Lagonegro Basin, southern Italy: Insights from highly siderophile elements and Re-Os isotope stratigraphy across the Norian/Rhaetian boundary 2021 Sato H.Onoue T.Rigo M. + CHEMICAL GEOLOGY - -
Preface 2021 Rigo M. + JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE - -
First Records of Late Triassic Conodont Fauna and δ13Ccarb from the Dengdengqiao Section, Dangchang County, Gansu Province, Northwestern China 2021 Rigo M. + JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE - -
Reconstructing the gorte and spiaz de navesele landslides, NE of Lake Garda, Trentino dolomites (Italy) 2021 Martin S.Rigo M.Rossato S.Monegato G. + GEOSCIENCES - -
Mercury contents and isotope ratios from diverse depositional environments across the Triassic–Jurassic Boundary: Towards a more robust mercury proxy for large igneous province magmatism 2021 Rigo M.Di Stefano P. + EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS - -
Large landslides in the Alpine valleys of the Giudicarie and Schio-Vicenza tectonic domains (NE Italy) 2021 Rossato S.Martin S.Zampieri D.Rigo M. + JOURNAL OF MAPS - -
The Late Triassic Extinction at the Norian/Rhaetian boundary: Biotic evidence and geochemical signature 2020 Rigo M.Zaffani M.Maron M.Concheri G.Agnini C. + EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS - -
The last phase of conodont evolution during the Late Triassic: Integrating biostratigraphic and phylogenetic approaches 2020 Rigo M. + PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY - -
The asynchronous disappearance of conodonts: New constraints from Triassic-Jurassic boundary sections in the Tethys and Panthalassa 2020 Du Y.Roghi G.Rigo M. + EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS - -
Integrated conodont and radiolarian biostratigraphy of the upper Norian in Baoshan Block, Southwestern China 2020 Du Y.Jin X.Rigo M. + LETHAIA - -
An enormous sulfur isotope excursion indicates marine anoxia during the end-Triassic mass extinction 2020 Rigo M. + SCIENCE ADVANCES - -
Landslides of the Western Dolomites: case studies from the Adige and Sarca Valleys (NE Italy) 2020 Silvana MARTINManuel RIGOFabio GABRIELISandro ROSSATO + ALPINE AND MEDITERRANEAN QUATERNARY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 178
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