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Covid-19 emergency: the influence of implicit attitudes, information sources, and individual characteristics on psychological distress, intentions to get vaccinated, and compliance with restrictive rules. 2022 Colledani D.Anselmi P.Robusto E HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY REPORT - -
Constructing, improving, and shortening tests for skill assessment 2022 Anselmi P.Stefanutti L.Robusto E. + JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Italian Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale: Reliability and diagnostic accuracy compared with the Vineland-II 2022 Anselmi P.Robusto E. + RESEARCH IN DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES - -
Religious assessment in Italian older adults: psychometric properties of the Francis Scale of Attitude toward Christianity and the Behavioral Religiosity Scale 2021 Devita M.Colledani D.Anselmi P.Sergi G.Mapelli D.Coin A. + EXPERIMENTAL AGING RESEARCH - -
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and cognitive stimulation, combined and alone, in treating individuals with mild Alzheimer’s disease 2021 Devita M.Mapelli D.Anselmi P.Sergi G. + AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH - -
Modeling learning in knowledge space theory through bivariate Markov processes 2021 Anselmi P.Stefanutti L.de Chiusole D.Robusto E. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
An Item Response Theory-Based Scoring of the South Oaks Gambling Screen–Revised Adolescents 2021 Anselmi P.Colledani D.Robusto E.Fabbris L.Minutillo A. + ASSESSMENT - -
Perception of stress and cognitive efficiency in older adults with mild and moderate dementia during the COVID-19-related lockdown 2021 Devita M.Anselmi P.Sergi G.Mapelli D.Coin A. + JOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOMATIC RESEARCH - -
Rasch gone mixed: A mixed model approach to the Implicit Association Test 2021 Epifania Ottavia MarinaRobusto EgidioAnselmi Pasquale TPM. TESTING, PSYCHOMETRICS, METHODOLOGY IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY - -
Measuring content validity of academic psychological capital and locus of control in fresh graduates 2021 ANSELMI P.COLLEDANI D.FABBRIS L.ROBUSTO E.SCIONI M. - - ASA 2021 Statistics and Information Systems for Policy Evaluation. Book of short papers of the opening conference
On the association between the use of digital devices and well-being during the COVID-19 lockdown 2021 COLLEDANI D.ANSELMI P.ROBUSTO E. MANKIND QUARTERLY - -
Cross-cultural validation of a new abbreviated version of the EPQ-R. 2021 COLLEDANI D.ANSELMI P.ROBUSTO E. TPM. TESTING, PSYCHOMETRICS, METHODOLOGY IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY - -
Implicit Social Cognition Through the Years: The Implicit Association Test at Age 21 2021 Anselmi, PRobusto, E + PSYCHOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS - -
Non separare dopo quello che hai somministrato insieme prima: un approccio misto per l’analisi congiunta delle misure implicite 2020 Epifania Marina OttaviaAnselmi PasqualeRobusto Egidio - - Atti del XXVI CONGRESSO NAZIONALE Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Sezione Sperimentale
Extending the Basic Local Independence Model to Polytomous Data 2020 Stefanutti L.de Chiusole D.Anselmi P.Spoto A. PSYCHOMETRIKA - -
DscoreApp: A Shiny Web Application for the Computation of the Implicit Association Test D-Score 2020 Anselmi P.Robusto E. + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Explaining symptoms in systemic therapy. Does triadic thinking come into play? 2020 ANSELMI P. + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
Does discrimination beat association in the IAT? The discrimination-association model reconceived 2020 Stefanutti L.Robusto E.Vianello M.Anselmi P.Dalla Rosa A. + BEHAVIOR RESEARCH METHODS - -
A fairer comparison between the Implicit Association Test and the Single Category – Implicit Association Test 2020 Epifania Ottavia MarinaAnselmi PasqualeRobusto Egidio TPM. TESTING, PSYCHOMETRICS, METHODOLOGY IN APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY - -
implicitMeasures 2020 Epifania Marina OttaviaAnselmi PasqualeRobusto Egidio - - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 108
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