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Electrocautery smoke exposure and efficacy of smoke evacuation systems in minimally invasive and open surgery: a prospective randomized study 2022 Cappellin L. + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Theoretical Investigation of Charge Transfer from NO+and O 2+Ions to Wine-Related Volatile Compounds for Mass Spectrometry 2022 Cappellin L. + JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY - -
Modeling the Dichromatic Behavior of Bromophenol Blue to Enhance the Analytical Performance of pH Colorimetric Sensor Arrays 2022 Pastore, AndreaBadocco, DenisCappellin, LucaPastore, Paolo CHEMOSENSORS - -
GLOVOCS - Master compound assignment guide for proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry users 2021 Cappellin L. + ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT - -
Behavior of Sulfonephthalein and Azo dyes as effective pH sensors in hybrid materials 2021 Badocco D.Bogialli S.Cappellin L.Pastore P. + MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL - -
Leaf monoterpene emission limits photosynthetic downregulation under heat stress in field-grown grapevine 2021 Varotto C.Cappellin L. + PLANTS - -
Effects of plasma-activated water on signalling pathways underlying plant self-defence responses 2021 Enrico CorteseAlessio G. SettimiMattia FranceschiLuca CappellinManuele DabalàLorella Navazio + - - VII International Plant Science Conference (IPSC) - 116° Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana
Characterization of PAW generated by a plasma torch for plant treatment 2021 L. NavazioM. DabalàE. CorteseL. CappellinM. FranceschiA. G. Settimi + - - 3rd International Workshop on Plasma Agriculture (IWOPA 2021)
Refill liquids for electronic cigarettes display peculiar toxicity on human endothelial cells 2021 De Martin, SaraGabbia, DanielaBogialli, SaraCappellin, Luca + TOXICOLOGY REPORTS - -
Plasma-activated water triggers rapid and sustained cytosolic Ca2+ elevations in Arabidopsis thaliana 2021 Cortese E.Settimi A. G.Pettenuzzo S.Cappellin L.Dabala M.Navazio L. + PLANTS - -
Species-Specific Induction of Plant Volatiles by Two Aphid Species in Apple: Real Time Measurement of Plant Emission and Attraction of Lacewings in the Wind Tunnel 2021 Cappellin L.Tasin M. + JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ECOLOGY - -
Thermal Desorption-Vocus Enables Online Nondestructive Quantification of 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole in Cork Stoppers below the Perception Threshold 2020 Cappellin L.Pastore P. + ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY - -
Ph colorimetric sensor arrays: Role of the color space adopted for the calculation of the prediction error 2020 Pastore A.Badocco D.Bogialli S.Cappellin L.Pastore P. SENSORS - -
Unveiling the molecular basis of mascarpone cheese aroma: VOCs analysis by SPME-GC/MS and PTR-ToF-MS 2020 Cappellin L. + MOLECULES - -
The good, the bad and the aged: Predicting sensory quality of anhydrous milk fat by PTR/SRI-Tof-MS analysis and data mining 2020 Cappellin L.Fogliano V. + INTERNATIONAL DAIRY JOURNAL - -
Ab initio calculation of the proton transfer reaction rate coefficients to volatile organic compounds related to cork taint in wine 2020 Cappellin L. + JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY - -
Enhancement of the pH measurement of a PVDF-supported colorimetric sensor by tailoring hue changes with the addition of a second dye 2020 Pastore A.Badocco D.Cappellin L.Pastore P. MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL - -
Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds with Secondary Electrospray Ionization and Proton Transfer Reaction High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: A Feature Comparison 2020 Cappellin, Luca + JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY - -
Interplay of apple volatile organic compounds with Neofabraea vagabunda and other post‐harvest pathogens 2019 Cappellin, L. + PLANT PATHOLOGY - -
A mechanism for biogenic production and emission of MEK from MVK decoupled from isoprene biosynthesis 2019 Cappellin, LucaPastore, Paolo + ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 182
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