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Mesozoic exhumation and ca. 10 Ma reactivation of the southern Yin Shan, North China, revealed by low-temperature thermochronology 2022 Zattin M. + TECTONOPHYSICS - -
Structural inversion of back-arc basins–The Neogene Adjara-Trialeti fold-and-thrust belt (SW Georgia) as a far-field effect of the Arabia-Eurasia collision 2021 Zattin M. + TECTONOPHYSICS - -
Formation of the Yangtze Three Gorges: Insights from detrital apatite fission-track dating of sediments from the Jianghan Basin 2021 Zattin M. + TERRA NOVA - -
Cretaceous and Eocene Rapid Cooling Phases in the Southern Andes (36°–37°S): Insights From Low-Temperature Thermochronology, U-Pb Geochronology, and Inverse Thermal Modeling From Domuyo Area, Argentina 2021 Zattin M. + TECTONICS - -
Tectono-thermal history of the intraplate San Bernardo fold and thrust belt in central Patagonia inferred by low-temperature thermochronology 2021 Genge M.Zattin M.Mazzoli S. + JOURNAL OF SOUTH AMERICAN EARTH SCIENCES - -
Diagenetic history vs. thermal evolution of Paleozoic and Triassic reservoir rocks in the Ghadames-Illizi Basin (Algeria-Tunisia-Libya) 2021 Zattin M. + MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY - -
The role of slab geometry in the exhumation of cordilleran-type orogens and their forelands: Insights from northern Patagonia 2021 Genge M. C.Zattin M.Savignano E.Mazzoli S. + GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN - -
Structural controls on Jurassic gold mineralization, and Cretaceous-Tertiary exhumation in the foreland of the southern Patagonian Andes: New constraints from La Paloma area, Deseado Massif, Argentina 2020 Zattin M.Savignano E.Genge M. C. + TECTONOPHYSICS - -
Apatite Fission Track Signatures of the Ross Sea Ice Flows During the Last Glacial Maximum 2020 Li X.Zattin M.Olivetti V. GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS - -
Topography, structural and exhumation history of the Admiralty Mountains region, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 2020 Olivetti, ValerioRossetti, FedericoGautheron, CécileCattò, SilviaZattin, Massimiliano + GEOSCIENCE FRONTIERS - -
Cretaceous and late Cenozoic uplift of a Variscan Massif: The case of the French Massif Central studied through low-temperature thermochronometry 2020 Olivetti, ValerioGautheron, CécileZattin, Massimiliano + LITHOSPHERE - -
Uplift and exhumation events and thermochronological constraints at the end of Triassic in southwestern Ordos Basin 2020 Zattin M. + ACTA PETROLOGICA SINICA - -
An integrated platform for thermal maturity assessment of polyphase, long-lasting sedimentary basins, from classical to brand-new thermal parameters and models: An example from the on-shore Baltic Basin (Poland) 2020 Zattin M. + MARINE AND PETROLEUM GEOLOGY - -
Apatite (U–Th)/He thermochronology and Re–Os ages in the Altar region, Central Andes (31°30′S), Main Cordillera of San Juan, Argentina: implications of rapid exhumation in the porphyry Cu (Au) metal endowment and regional tectonics 2020 Zattin M. + MINERALIUM DEPOSITA - -
Uplift of Anatolia 2020 Zattin M. + TURKISH JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES - -
A detrital apatite fission‐track study of the CIROS‐2 sedimentary record: Tracing ice pathways in the Ross Sea area over the last 5 Ma 2019 LI, XIAZattin, MassimilianoOLIVETTI, VALERIO TERRA NOVA - -
Continental accretion and incremental deformation in the thermochronologic evolution of the Lesser Caucasus 2019 Albino I.Zattin M.Catto S. + GEOSCIENCE FRONTIERS - -
The long-term evolution of the Doruneh Fault region (Central Iran): A key to understanding the spatio-temporal tectonic evolution in the hinterland of the Zagros convergence zone 2019 Zattin M. + GEOLOGICAL JOURNAL - -
Provenances of Cenozoic sediments in the Jianghan Basin and implications for the formation of the Three Gorges 2019 Zattin M. + INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGY REVIEW - -
Thermochronological constraints on the Meso-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Haiyuan-Liupanshan region, northeastern Tibetan Plateau 2019 Zattin M. + JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 127
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