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Seeing the forest for the trees through metabolic scaling 2022 Tovo, AnnaAnfodillo, TommasoRinaldo, AndreaMaritan, AmosBanavar, Jayanth R + PNAS NEXUS - -
Tree Mortality: Testing the Link Between Drought, Embolism Vulnerability, and Xylem Conduit Diameter Remains a Priority 2021 Anfodillo, TommasoOlson, Mark E. FRONTIERS IN FORESTS AND GLOBAL CHANGE - -
Radial stem growth dynamics and phenology of a multi-stemmed species (Corylus avellana L.) across orchards in the Northern and Southern hemispheres 2021 Pasqualotto, GaiaBicego, GiovanniCarraro, VinicioAnfodillo, Tommaso + TREE PHYSIOLOGY - -
The Widened Pipe Model of plant hydraulic evolution 2021 Kocillari L.Olson M. E.Suweis S.Cardin F.Lechthaler S.Rinaldo A.Anfodillo T. + PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - -
Assessment of Canopy Conductance Responses to Vapor Pressure Deficit in Eight Hazelnut Orchards Across Continents 2021 Pasqualotto, GaiaCarraro, VinicioAnfodillo, Tommaso + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
Linking scientific knowledge to management practices in Agroforestry: the pivotal role of higher education 2021 Tommaso AnfodilloAnna PanozzoTeofilo Vamerali + - - Agroforestry for the transition towards sustainability and bioeconomy
Tip-to-base xylem conduit widening as an adaptation: causes, consequences, and empirical priorities 2021 Olson M. E.Anfodillo T. + NEW PHYTOLOGIST - -
Transpiration decrease in shaded hazelnuts: a green light for experimenting new orchard structures 2021 Gaia PasqualottoVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - Book of Abstract
Determinants of legacy effects in pine trees – implications from an irrigation-stop experiment 2020 Anfodillo T.Hug C. + NEW PHYTOLOGIST - -
Stable Allometric Trajectories in Picea abies (L.) Karst. Trees along an Elevational Gradient 2020 Mura, ClaudioAnfodillo, Tommaso + FORESTS - -
Across climates and species, higher vapor pressure deficit is associated with wider vessels for plants of the same heigh 2020 Tommaso Anfodillo + PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT - -
The total path length hydraulic resistance according to known anatomical patterns: what is the shape of the root-to-leaf tension gradient along the plant longitudinal axis? 2020 Lechthaler, SilviaKiorapostolou, NatasaPitacco, AndreaAnfodillo, TommasoPetit, Giai JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY - -
Axial anatomy of the leaf midrib provides new insights into the hydraulic architecture and cavitation patterns of Acer pseudoplatanus leaves 2019 Lechthaler, SilviaGazzabin, MoiraAnfodillo, Tommaso + JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY - -
Calibration of Granier-Type (TDP) Sap Flow Probes by a High Precision Electronic Potometer 2019 Pasqualotto, GaiaCarraro, VinicioMenardi, RobertoAnfodillo, Tommaso SENSORS - -
Il sistema vascolare degli alberi sotto una nuova luce: comprenderne la funzione per migliorare gli interventi gestionali 2019 Anfodillo T ARBOR - -
Axial variation of xylem conduits in giant cacti 2019 Mozzi GiacomoAnfodillo TommasoCrivellaro Alan + - - none
A standardization method to disentangle environmental information from axial trends of xylem anatomical traits. 2019 • Lechthaler SGELMINI, YLENIAPirotti FAnfodillo TPetit G. + TREE PHYSIOLOGY - -
Tree size mostly drives the variation of xylem traits at the treeline ecotone 2019 Anfodillo T. + TREES - -
Constant theoretical conductance, changes in vessel diameter and number, with height growth in Moringaoleifera 2019 Anfodillo, TommasoOlson, Mark E + JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY - -
The variation of irrigation regime in Hazelnut cv. TGL has little impact on canopy conductance 2019 Gaia PasqualottoVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - IX International Symposium On Irrigation Of Horticultural Crops
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 136
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