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Frictional Melting in Hydrothermal Fluid-Rich Faults: Field and Experimental Evidence From the Bolfín Fault Zone (Chile) 2021 Fondriest M.Masoch S.Bistacchi A.Mittempergher S.Di Toro G. + GEOCHEMISTRY, GEOPHYSICS, GEOSYSTEMS - -
Production of nanoparticles during experimental deformation of smectite and implications for seismic slip 2017 Aretusini, S.Mittempergher, S.Di Toro, G. + EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS - -
Frictional properties of fault zone gouges from the J-FAST drilling project (Mw 9.0 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake) 2015 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIO + GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS - -
Towards measuring large-scale hydraulic properties of the seismogenic Gole Larghe Fault Zone at 8 km depth 2013 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIO + - - European Geosciences Union General Assembly
The structure of an exhumed intraplate seismogenic fault in crystalline basement 2013 BISTACCHI, ANDREA LUIGI PAOLOMITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIO + TECTONOPHYSICS - -
The fabric evolution with slip in natural cataclasites from seismogenic depths 2013 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIAARETUSINI, STEFANODI TORO, GIULIO + - - 40th Workshop of the International School of Geophysics on Properties and Processes of Crustal Fault Zones
The fabric evolution with slip in natural cataclasites from seismogenic depth. 2013 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIOARETUSINI, STEFANO + - - Tectonic Studies Group Annual Meeting
Physico-chemical processes in seismogenic faults: active and exhumed examples 2012 Mittempergher, Silvia - - -
The contribution of structural geology, experimental rock deformation and numerical modelling to an improved understanding of the seismic cycle 2012 DI TORO, GIULIOMITTEMPERGHER, SILVIAFERRI, FABIOPENNACCHIONI, GIORGIO + JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - -
Is the fault core-damage zone model representative of seismogenic faults? Pre-existing anisotropies and fault zone complexity 2012 DI TORO, GIULIOFONDRIEST, MICHELEMITTEMPERGHER, SILVIA + - - American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting
A microstructural study of fault rocks from the SAFOD: Implications for the deformation mechanisms and strength of the creeping segment of the San Andreas Fault 2012 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIO + JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - -
Fault zone structure and seismic slip localization in dolostones, an example from the Southern Alps, Italy 2012 DI TORO, GIULIOZAMPIERI, DARIOMITTEMPERGHER, SILVIA + JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - -
Aseismic sliding of active faults by pressure solution creep: Evidence from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth 2011 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIO + GEOLOGY - -
Evidence of transient increases of fluid pressure in SAFOD phase III cores 2011 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIOSPIESS, RICHARD + GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS - -
Evidence of dmisteinbergite (hexagonal form of CaAl2Si2O8) in pseudotachylyte: A tool to constrain the thermal history of a seismic event 2010 NESTOLA, FABRIZIOMITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIOZORZI, FEDERICOPEDRON D. AMERICAN MINERALOGIST - -
The effects of fault orientation and fluid infiltration on fault rock assemblages at seismogenic depths 2009 MITTEMPERGHER, SILVIAPENNACCHIONI, GIORGIODI TORO, GIULIO JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - -
Hexagonal anorthite in pseudotachylyte: a new finding to constrain the thermal history during a seismic event 2009 NESTOLA, FABRIZIOMITTEMPERGHER, SILVIADI TORO, GIULIOZORZI, FEDERICOPEDRON, DANILO - - Eos Transactions AGU, Fall Meeting Supplement
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