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Exercise Intensity and Rest Intervals Effects on Intracellular Signals and Anabolic Response of Skeletal Muscle to Resistance Training 2022 Moro, TatianaNaro, FabioReggiani, CarloPaoli, Antonio + JOURNAL OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING RESEARCH - -
A Circadian Hygiene Education Initiative Covering the Pre-pandemic and Pandemic Period Resulted in Earlier Get-Up Times in Italian University Students: An Ecological Study 2022 Montagnese, SaraZarantonello, LisaFormentin, ChiaraGiusti, GianlucaMangini, ChiaraPaoli, AntonioMapelli, DanielaRizzuto, RosarioToppo, StefanoVettor, RobertoCosta, Rodolfo + FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE - -
Neuromuscular Fatigue Affects Calf Muscle Activation Strategies, but Not Dynamic Postural Balance Control in Healthy Young Adults 2022 Marcolin G.Paoli A. + FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY - -
Weight cycling in combat sports: revisiting 25 years of scientific evidence 2021 Paoli A. + BMC SPORTS SCIENCE, MEDICINE & REHABILITATION - -
Effects of rapid weight loss on kidney function in combat sport athletes 2021 Paoli A. + MEDICINA - -
Nutrition and physical activity-induced changes in gut microbiota: Possible implications for human health and athletic performance 2021 Paoli A.Baldari C. + FOODS - -
Ketogenic diets, physical activity, and body composition: A review 2021 Moro T.Mancin L.Paoli A. + BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION - -
Behind the mask: Rethinking the use of face masks while exercising 2021 Paoli A. + SCIENCE & SPORTS - -
Effects of intermittent fasting combined with resistance training on body composition: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2021 Paoli A.Moro T. + PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR - -
Active older dancers have lower C-terminal Agrin fragment concentration, better balance and gait performance than sedentary peers 2021 Marcolin G.Franchi M. V.Monti E.Pizzichemi M.Sarto F.Sirago G.Paoli A.Zampieri S.Narici M. + EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY - -
Are Static and Dynamic Postural Balance Assessments Two Sides of the Same Coin? A Cross-Sectional Study in the Older Adults 2021 Rizzato, AlexPaoli, AntonioVidorin, FrancescaMarcolin, Giuseppe + FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY - -
The effect of resistance training programs on lean body mass in postmenopausal and elderly women: a meta-analysis of observational studies 2021 Moro T.Paoli A. + AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH - -
Health implications of judo training 2021 Paoli A. + SUSTAINABILITY - -
Disturbo di Dismorfismo Muscolare e caratteristiche psicologiche associate nel genere femminile: un confronto tra atlete praticanti bodybuilding e power-lifting e donne fisicamente attive 2021 Silvia CereaMatteo GiraldoNicole CasaliHillary PontaltoAntonio PaoliMarta Ghisi - - Atti del XXIII Congresso Nazionale Associazione Italiana Psicologia dello Sport e dell’esercizio (AIPS)
Benessere, Yoga e Tai Chi: un’indagine esplorativa su un gruppo di dipendenti dell’Università di Padova 2021 Marta GhisiSilvia CereaGioia GrigolinRosa NardelliAntonio Paoli - - Atti del XXIII Congresso Nazionale Associazione Italiana Psicologia dello Sport e dell’esercizio (AIPS)
A single assistive profile applied by a passive hip flexion device can reduce the energy cost of walking in older adults 2021 Panizzolo F. A.Paoli A.Marcolin G. + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
The relationship between clinical tests, ultrasound findings and selected field-based wheelchair skills tests in a cohort of quadriplegic wheelchair rugby athletes: A pilot study 2021 Tognolo L.Pignataro A.Petrone N.Benazzato M.Marcolin G.Paoli A.Masiero S. + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Influence of Trunk Position during Three Lunge Exercises on Muscular Activation in Trained Women 2021 Marcolin, GiuseppePaoli, Antonio + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EXERCISE SCIENCE - -
Effects of 30 days of ketogenic diet on body composition, muscle strength, muscle area, metabolism, and performance in semi-professional soccer players 2021 Paoli A.Mancin L.Monti E.Narici M. V.Cenci L.Grigoletto D.Marcolin G. + JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION - -
The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Public-Health Measures on Training Behaviours of Individuals Previously Participating in Resistance Training: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study 2021 Franchi, Martino VSarto, FabioPaoli, Antonio + SPORTS MEDICINE - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 250
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