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Effects of 30 days of ketogenic diet on body composition, muscle strength, muscle area, metabolism, and performance in semi-professional soccer players 2021 Paoli A.Mancin L.Monti E.Narici M. V.Cenci L.Grigoletto D.Marcolin G. + JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION - -
Muscle activation during leg-press exercise with or without eccentric overload 2020 Sarto, FFranchi, M VGrigoletto, DZanuso, SNarici, M V + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY - -
Kettlebell Training for Female Ballet Dancers: Effects on Lower Limb Power and Body Balance 2020 Grigoletto D.Marcolin G.Borgatti E.Paoli A. + JOURNAL OF HUMAN KINETICS - -
Time-restricted eating effects on performance, immune function, and body composition in elite cyclists: a randomized controlled trial 2020 Moro T.Grigoletto D.Ferraris C.Tagliabue A.Marcolin G.Paoli A. + JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF SPORTS NUTRITION - -
Do lower limb previous injuries affect balance performance? An observational study in volleyball players 2019 Sarto, FabioGrigoletto, DavidePaoli, AntonioMarcolin, Giuseppe + PHYSICAL THERAPY IN SPORT - -
Mind-muscle connection: effects of verbal instructions on muscle activity during bench press exercise 2019 Paoli, AntonioSAONCELLA, MATTEOGrigoletto, DavideMarcolin, Giuseppe + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Exercise-induced arousal affects free-choices to inhibit 2018 Dall’Acqua, TommasoLi, ChuntingCeccarini, FrancescoGrigoletto, DavideMarcolin, GiuseppePaoli, AntonioCastiello, Umberto PSYCHOLOGY OF SPORT AND EXERCISE - -
Different intensities of basketball drills affect jump shot accuracy of expert and junior players 2018 Marcolin, GiuseppePanizzolo, Fausto AntonioGrigoletto, DavidePaoli, Antonio + PEERJ - -
Lactate Dehydrogenase and Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase biosensing strategies for lactate detection on screen-printed sensors. Catalysis efficiency and interference analysis in complex matrices: from cell cultures to sport medicine 2018 Rosati, GiulioGherardi, GaiaGrigoletto, DavideMarcolin, GiuseppeCancellara, PasquaMammucari, CristinaScaramuzza, MatteoDe Toni, AlessandroReggiani, CarloRizzuto, RosarioPaccagnella, Alessandro SENSING AND BIO-SENSING RESEARCH - -
Differences in electromyographic activity of biceps brachii and brachioradialis while performing three variants of curl 2018 Marcolin, GiuseppePetrone, NicolaMoro, TatianaGrigoletto, DavidePaoli, Antonio + PEERJ - -
Neuromuscular taping application in counter movement jump: biomechanical insight in a group of healthy basketball players 2017 Marcolin, GiuseppeGRIGOLETTO, DAVIDE + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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