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Influence of Tillage and Crop Rotations in Organic and Conventional Farming Systems on Soil Organic Matter, Bulk Density and Enzymatic Activities in a Short-Term Field Experiment 2021 Marco PittarelloNicola Dal FerroFrancesco MorariPaolo Carletti + AGRONOMY - -
Editorial: Towards a Functional Characterization of Plant Biostimulants 2021 Carletti P. + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
SOILSENSE handheld device for soil monitoring 2020 Cocola L.Carletti P.Poletto L. + - PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERING Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Quantitative Proteomics of Maize Roots Treated with a Protein Hydrolysate: A Comparative Study with Transcriptomics Highlights the Molecular Mechanisms Responsive to Biostimulants 2020 Franchin C.Trentin A. R.Carletti P.Trevisan S.Quaggiotti S.Arrigoni G.Masi A. + JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY - -
Quantitative secretomic analysis of haploid and dikariotic stages of Sporisorium scitamineum - novel insights into the pathogenesis of the sugarcane smut fungus 2020 Cinzia FranchinLeonard Barnabas E.Paolo CarlettiAnna Rita TrentinAntonio Masi + - - Phytopathology in Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals
Research yearbook 2017 2019 Alessandro BottonPaolo CarlettiMartino CassandroRoberta MasinMauro PenasaSilvia QuaggiottiChiara De Fassi Negrelli Rizzi - - -
A proteomic and biochemical investigation on the effects of sulfadiazine in Arabidopsis thaliana 2019 Sharma, NishaArrigoni, GiorgioEbinezer, Leonard BarnabasTrentin, Anna RitaFranchin, CinziaGiaretta, SabrinaCarletti, PaoloGhisi, RossellaMasi, Antonio + ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY - -
Effects of humic substances and indole-3-acetic acid on Arabidopsis sugar and amino acid metabolic profile 2018 Conselvan, Giovanni BattistaPeggion, CristinaFrancioso, OrnellaCarletti, Paolo + PLANT AND SOIL - -
Protein Profiling of Arabidopsis Roots Treated With Humic Substances: Insights Into the Metabolic and Interactome Networks 2018 Roomi, SohaibMasi, AntonioConselvan, Giovanni BattistaTrevisan, SaraQuaggiotti, SilviaPivato, MicaelaArrigoni, GiorgioCarletti, Paolo + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
Research yearbook 2016 2018 Alessandro BottonPaolo CarlettiMartino CassandroRoberta MasinMauro PenasaSilvia QuaggiottiChiara Rizzi - - -
Proteomic and metabolomic insight into two wheat response to drought following AMF inoculation 2018 Paolo Carletti + - - 3rd INPPO World Congress Book of Abstracts
Effects of different humic substances concentrations on root anatomy and Cd accumulation in seedlings of Avicennia germinans (black mangrove) 2018 Pittarello, MarcoCarletti, Paolo + MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN - -
Arabidopsis roots treated with humic substances: proteomic insights into the metabolic and interactome networks 2018 Conselvan G. B.Pivato M.Arrigoni G.Masi A.Carletti P. - - 3rd INPPO World Congress 2018 Book of Abstract
Consumer acceptability of sugar-reduced bran-rich biscuits 2018 Carletti PaoloVEGRO, MARAGiovanna Lomolino + - - EUROSENSE 2018 Book of Abstracts
Dissolved humic substances supplied as potential enhancers of Cu, Cd, and Pb adsorption by two different mangrove sediments 2018 Marco PittarelloPaolo Carletti + JOURNAL OF SOILS AND SEDIMENTS - -
Biostimulant Effects of Seed-Applied Sedaxane Fungicide: Morphological and Physiological Changes in Maize Seedlings 2017 Cristian Dal CortivoGiovanni Battista ConselvanPaolo CarlettiGiuseppe BarionLuca SellaTeofilo Vamerali FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
Possible developments for ex situ phytoremediation of contaminated sediments, in tropical and subtropical regions – Review 2017 CARLETTI, PAOLO + CHEMOSPHERE - -
Proteomic and metabolomic insight into wheat response to drought following AMF inoculation 2017 CARLETTI, PAOLO + - - La Ricerca in Chimica Agraria:integrazione dello studio dei sistemi suolo, pianta e ambiente
In vitro secretomic analysis identifies putative pathogenicity-related proteins of Sporisorium scitamineum - The sugarcane smut fungus 2017 Trentin, Anna RitaPivato, MicaelaCarletti, PaoloArrigoni, GiorgioMasi, Antonio + FUNGAL BIOLOGY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 72
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