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Effects of different feedstocks-based biochar on soil remediation: A review 2022 Ji M.Campanaro S. + ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION - -
In-situ biogas upgrading assisted by bioaugmentation with hydrogenotrophic methanogens during mesophilic and thermophilic co-digestion 2022 Campanaro S.Treu L. + BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY - -
KEMET – A python tool for KEGG Module evaluation and microbial genome annotation expansion 2022 Basile A.Zampieri G.Treu L.Rossi A.Morlino M. S.Campanaro S. + COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL - -
Natural Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain Reveals Peculiar Genomic Traits for Starch-to-Bioethanol Production: the Design of an Amylolytic Consolidated Bioprocessing Yeast 2022 Gronchi N.De Bernardini N.Treu L.Campanaro S.Basaglia M.Favaro L.Casella S. + FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY - -
Pilot-scale biomethanation in a trickle bed reactor: Process performance and microbiome functional reconstruction 2021 Treu L.Campanaro S. + ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT - -
Co-digestion of cheese whey with sewage sludge for caproic acid production: Role of microbiome and polyhydroxyalkanoates potential production 2021 Treu L.Campanaro S. + BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY - -
Large-scale sequencing and comparative analysis of oenological Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains supported by nanopore refinement of key genomes 2021 De Pascale F.Bianca F.De Bernardini N.Lopreiato R.Treu L.Campanaro S. + FOOD MICROBIOLOGY - -
Genomic insights into the glutathione metabolism of the wine yeast Starmerella bacillaris 2021 Treu L.Nadai C.da Silva Duarte V.Campanaro S.Giacomini A.Corich V. + OENO ONE - -
Evaluation of acidogenesis products’ effect on biogas production performed with metagenomics and isotopic approaches 2021 Treu L.Campanaro S. + BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR BIOFUELS - -
Editorial: Meta-omic Approaches to the Complex Anaerobic Communities in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Digesters 2021 Campanaro S. + FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY - -
Microbial dynamics in biogas digesters treating lipid-rich substrates via genome-centric metagenomics 2021 Treu L.Campanaro S. + SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT - -
Role prediction of Gram-negative species in the resistome of raw cow's milk 2021 Campanaro S. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD MICROBIOLOGY - -
How multiple farming conditions correlate with the composition of the raw cow's milk lactic microbiome 2021 Campanaro S. + ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY - -
Comprehensive evaluation of different strategies to recover methanogenic performance in ammonia-stressed reactors 2021 Treu L.Campanaro S. + BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY - -
Valorization of palm oil mill wastewater for integrated production of microbial oil and biogas in a biorefinery approach 2021 Treu L.Campanaro S. + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Più-Biogas App: progetto di ricerca per la massimizzazione delle rese e della produzione degli impianti di biogas 2021 GUIDO ZAMPIERISARA AGOSTINISTEFANO CAMPANAROLAURA TREULORENZO FAVARO + - - ECOMONDO 2021
Genome-Centric Metatranscriptomics Analysis Reveals the Role of Hydrochar in Anaerobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge 2021 Campanaro S.Treu L. + ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - -
Evolution of the microbial community structure in biogas reactors inoculated with seeds from different origin 2021 Campanaro S.Treu L. + SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT - -
Intermittent aeration of landfill simulation bioreactors: Effects on emissions and microbial community 2020 Campanaro S.Raga R.Squartini A. WASTE MANAGEMENT - -
Revealing metabolic mechanisms of interaction in the anaerobic digestion microbiome by flux balance analysis 2020 Basile A.Campanaro S.Zampieri G.Rossi A.Valle G.Treu L. + METABOLIC ENGINEERING - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 162
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