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ROS-Scavenging Selenofluoxetine Derivatives Inhibit In Vivo Serotonin Reuptake 2022 Zagotto, GiuseppeOrian, Laura + ACS OMEGA - -
Gingival overgrowth induced by anticonvulsant drugs: A cross-sectional study on epileptic patients 2021 Gallo C.Zagotto G.Mucignat-Caretta C. + JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL RESEARCH - -
A novel class of selective CK2 inhibitors targeting its open hinge conformation 2020 Enrico ZanforlinStefania SarnoGiuseppe ZagottoRoberto BattistuttaMaria Ruzzene + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY - -
Monitoring the antioxidant activity of an ecofriendly processed grape pomace along the storage 2020 Miluska Cisneros-YupanquiAnna ZagottoAnna LanteGiuseppe ZagottoCorrado Rizzi + NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH - -
Antioxidant potential of psychotropic drugs: From clinical evidence to in vitro and in vivo assessment and toward a new challenge for in silico molecular design 2020 Ribaudo G.Bortoli M.Pavan C.Zagotto G.Orian L. ANTIOXIDANTS - -
Fluoxetine scaffold to design tandem molecular antioxidants and green catalysts 2020 Bortoli M.Oselladore E.Zagotto G.Orian L. + RSC ADVANCES - -
Study of the phenolic profile of a grape pomace powder and its impact on delaying corn oil oxidation 2020 Miluska CisnerosAnna ZagottoAnna LanteGiuseppe ZagottoGiovanni RibaudoCorrado Rizzi + NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH - -
A new sensitive and subunit-selective molecular tool for investigating protein kinase A in the brain 2020 Ribaudo G.Zagotto G.Mucignat-Caretta C. + ARCHIV DER PHARMAZIE - -
Biological effects and potential mechanisms of action of Pistacia lentiscus Chios mastic extract in Caco-2 cell model 2019 Zorzan, MairaRibaudo, GiovanniScaroni, CarlaZagotto, GiuseppeArmanini, DecioBarollo, SusiRedaelli, MarcoPezzani, Raffaele + JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS - -
Mitochondrial apoptosis is induced by Alkoxy phenyl-1-propanone derivatives through PP2A-mediated dephosphorylation of Bad and Foxo3A in CLL 2019 Pagano, Mario AngeloTibaldi, ElenaFrezzato, FedericaTrimarco, ValentinaFacco, MonicaZagotto, GiuseppeLeanza, LuigiPeruzzo, RobertaSzabò, IldikòVisentin, AndreaFrasson, MartinaSemenzato, GianpietroTrentin, LivioBrunati, Anna Maria + LEUKEMIA - -
Effects of point mutations in the binding pocket of the mouse major urinary protein MUP20 on ligand affinity and specificity 2019 Ricatti, JimenaAcquasaliente, LauraDe Filippis, VincenzoBarollo, SusiPezzani, RaffaeleZagotto, GiuseppeMucignat-Caretta, Carla + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Synthesis via A3 Coupling Reaction of Anthracene-Propargylamine as a New Scaffold for the Interaction with DNA 2019 Ongaro A.Zagotto G. + CHEMISTRYSELECT - -
Evidence on selective binding to G-quadruplex DNA of isoflavones from Maclura pomifera by mass spectrometry and molecular docking 2019 Ongaro A.Zagotto G. + NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH - -
Photo-induced spin switching in a modified anthraquinone modulated by DNA binding 2019 Bortolus, MarcoToffoletti, AntonioCarbonera, DonatellaZagotto, Giuseppe + PHOTOCHEMICAL & PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - -
Moringa oleifera Lam.: A Rich Source of Phytoactives for the Health of Human Being 2019 Povolo C.Zagotto G. + - STUDIES IN NATURAL PRODUCTS CHEMISTRY Studies in Natural Products Chemistry
Natural phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors: a computational approach 2019 Zagotto G. + NATURAL PRODUCT RESEARCH - -
Semi-synthetic isoflavones as BACE-1 inhibitors against Alzheimer's disease 2019 Zanforlin E.Zagotto G. + BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY - -
Major depressive disorder and oxidative stress: In silico investigation of fluoxetine activity against ROS 2019 Pavan C.Zagotto G.Orian L. + APPLIED SCIENCES - -
Pharmacophore-guided discovery of CDC25 inhibitors causing cell cycle arrest and tumor regression 2019 Ribaudo, GiovanniZagotto, GiuseppePinna, Lorenzo A.Cozza, Giorgio + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Natural compounds promoting weight loss: Mechanistic insights from the point of view of the medicinal chemist 2019 Zagotto G. + THE NATURAL PRODUCTS JOURNAL - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 153
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