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Facing Muscular Dystrophy During Covid-19 Pandemic: The Role of Support Associations and Spirituality 2022 Palazzo L.Pompele S.Rossi M.Testoni I. + PASTORAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Catharsis through cinema: an italian qualitative study on watching tragedies to mitigate the fear of covid-19 2021 ines testonisara pompeleilaria malaguti + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHIATRY - -
Psychology Students' Perceptions of COVID-19 in a Death Education Course 2021 Testoni I.Iacona E.Pompele S.Dal Corso L. + FRONTIERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Social Support in Perinatal Grief and Mothers’ Continuing Bonds: A Qualitative Study With Italian Mourners 2020 Testoni I.Pompele S.Maccarini A. + AFFILIA - -
Neither god nor others: A qualitative study of strategies for avoiding suicide among homeless people 2020 Testoni I.Russotto S.Zamperini A.Pompele S.De Leo D. TRENDS IN PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHOTHERAPY - -
Lack of truth-telling in palliative care and its effects among nurses and nursing students 2020 Testoni I.Kapelis D.Pompele S.Bonaventura M.Crupi R. + BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - -
A challenge for palliative psychology: Freedom of choice at the end of life among the attitudes of physicians and nurses 2020 Testoni I.Bortolotti C.Pompele S.Ronconi L. + BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES - -
Can Desire and Wellbeing Be Promoted in Adolescents and Young Adults Affected by Cancer? PhotoTherapy as a Mirror That Increases Resilience 2020 Testoni I.Pompele S. + FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
The hospice as a learning environment: A follow-up, qualitative study with palliative care professionals and school teachers involved in a previous death education intervention. 2020 Ines TestoniLorenza PalazzoSara Pompele + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
The role of support administration: A study on critical incidents 2019 Testoni I.Pompele S.Venturini D.Maccarini A. M. + JOURNAL OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES ADMINISTRATION - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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