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A Deep Convolutional Autoencoder-Based Approach for Anomaly Detection With Industrial, Non-Images, 2-Dimensional Data: A Semiconductor Manufacturing Case Study 2022 Maggipinto, MarcoBeghi, AlessandroSusto, Gian Antonio IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - -
A Self-Tuning KPCA-Based Approach to Fault Detection in Chiller Systems 2021 Simmini F.Rampazzo M.Peterle F.Susto G. A.Beghi A. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY - -
Assessing the contribution of active somatosensory stimulation to self-acceleration perception in dynamic driving simulators 2021 Bruschetta M.Mion E.Pretto P.Beghi A. + PLOS ONE - -
FORMULA: A Deep Learning Approach for Rare Alarms Predictions in Industrial Equipment 2021 Dalle Pezze D.Masiero C.Beghi A.Susto G. A. + IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - -
Exploiting 2D Coordinates as Bayesian Priors for Deep Learning Defect Classification of SEM Images 2021 Carletti M.Gentner N.Maggipinto M.Beghi A.Susto G. A. + IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING - -
Velocity aided, correlated noise extended kalman filtering for attitude estimation: A motorcycle case study 2021 Bruschetta M.Caiaffa L.Picotti E.Beghi A. - - 2021 29th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, MED 2021
AutoSS: A Deep Learning-Based Soft Sensor for Handling Time-Series Input Data 2021 Bargellesi N.Beghi A.Rampazzo M.Susto G. A. IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS - -
Elastic Shape Analysis for Anomaly Detection in Fabric Images 2021 Ferro, Fabiana FedericaRampazzo, MircoBeghi, Alessandro - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE IFAC-PapersOnLine Volume 54, Issue 7, 2021
Design and implementation of a high-performance, nonlinear MPC-based virtual motorcycle rider 2020 Picotti, E.Bruschetta, M.Chen, Y.Beghi, A. + - - Proceedings of the 2020 European Control Conference (ECC)
Interpretable Anomaly Detection for Knowledge Discovery in Semiconductor Manufacturing 2020 Carletti M.Maggipinto M.Beghi A.Susto G.Gentner N. + - PROCEEDINGS - WINTER SIMULATION CONFERENCE Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference
Real-time Efficient Operation of Decatizing Processes via a Geometric-based Extremum Seeking Control 2020 Ferro, Fabiana FedericaLionello, MicheleRampazzo, MircoBeghi, Alessandro + - IFAC-PAPERSONLINE The proceedings of the 21th IFAC World Congress
ALARM LOGS IN PACKAGING INDUSTRY (ALPI) 2020 D. Dalle PezzeC. MasieroG. A. SustoA. Beghi + - - -
Subjective Evaluation of Autonomous and Manual Driving in Advanced Simulation 2020 Davide BACCHINPatrik PLUCHINOMattia FURLANMattia BRUSCHETTAAlessandro BEGHILuciano GAMBERINI + ANNUAL REVIEW OF CYBERTHERAPY AND TELEMEDICINE - -
Efficient move blocking strategy for multiple shooting-based non-linear model predictive control 2020 Bruschetta M.Beghi A. + IET CONTROL THEORY & APPLICATIONS - -
Real-Time Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Virtual Motorcycle 2020 Bruschetta M.Picotti E.Chen Y.Beghi A. + IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY - -
Graph-based modelling and simulation of liquid immersion cooling systems 2020 Lionello, MRampazzo, MBeghi, A + ENERGY - -
A static moving boundary modelling approach for simulation of indirect evaporative free cooling systems 2019 Rampazzo M.LIONELLO, MICHELEBeghi A.SISTI, ENRICO + APPLIED ENERGY - -
Energy-efficient operation of transcritical and subcritical CO2 inverse cycles via Extremum Seeking Control 2019 Mirco RampazzoAndrea CervatoAlessandro BeghiLuca Cecchinato + JOURNAL OF PROCESS CONTROL - -
Modelling, simulation and real-time control of a laboratory tide generation system 2019 Rampazzo, MircoTognin, DavideCarniello, LucaBeghi, Alessandro + CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE - -
Convective Industrial Textile Dryers: Analysis, Modelling, and Simulation 2019 FERRO, FABIANA FEDERICAM. RampazzoA. Beghi - - 35th International CAE Conference and Exhibition The Engineering Simulation Path to Digital Transformation
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 241
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