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Germline development during embryogenesis of the larvacean, Oikopleura dioica 2022 Manni L. + DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY - -
Current Knowledge on Stem Cells in Ascidians 2022 Vanni, VirginiaAnselmi, ChiaraBallarin, LorianoDrago, LauraGasparini, FabioPeronato, AnnaManni, Lucia + - - Advances in Aquatic Invertebrate Stem Cell Research. From Basic Research to Innovative Applications
Morphological study and 3D reconstruction of the larva of the ascidian halocynthia roretzi 2022 Manni L.Caicci F.Anselmi C.Vanni V. + JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - -
Yamanaka Factors in the Budding Tunicate Botryllus schlosseri Show a Shared Spatio-Temporal Expression Pattern in Chordates 2022 Vanni, VirginiaGasparini, FabioAnselmi, ChiaraManni, Lucia + FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY - -
Studying Regeneration in Ascidians: An Historical Overview 2022 Vanni, VirginiaBallarin, LorianoGasparini, FabioPeronato, AnnaManni, Lucia - METHODS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Whole-Body Regeneration. Methods and Protocols
A pan-metazoan concept for adult stem cells: the wobbling Penrose landscape 2022 Ballarin L.Manni L. + BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS - -
Two distinct evolutionary conserved neural degeneration pathways characterized in a colonial chordate 2022 Gasparini FCaicci FManni L. + PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - -
Articulating the “stem cell niche” paradigm through the lens of non-model aquatic invertebrates 2022 Ballarin, L.Manni, L. + BMC BIOLOGY - -
Sexual and asexual development: two distinct programs producing the same tunicate. 2021 Federico CaicciLucia Manni + CELL REPORTS - -
Stem Cells and Innate Immunity in Aquatic Invertebrates: Bridging Two Seemingly Disparate Disciplines for New Discoveries in Biology 2021 Ballarin L.Manni L. + FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY - -
And Then There Were Three…: Extreme Regeneration Ability of the Solitary Chordate Polycarpa mytiligera 2021 Manni L. + FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY - -
The diterpene manool extracted from Salvia tingitana lowers free radical production in the retinal rod outer segments by inhibiting the extramitochondrial F1Fo ATP synthase 2021 Federico CaicciLucia Manni + CELL BIOCHEMISTRY AND FUNCTION - -
Amphioxus neuroglia: molecular characterization and evidence for early compartmentalization of the developing nerve cord 2021 Federico CaicciLucia Manni + GLIA - -
3D reconstruction of structures of hatched larva and young juvenile of the larvacean Oikopleura dioica using SBF-SEM 2021 Caicci F.Manni L. + SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Myocardial overexpression of ANKRD1 causes sinus venosus defects and progressive diastolic dysfunction 2020 Pesce, PaolaMenegollo, MichelaCora, VirginiaMonti, LauraCaicci, FedericoManni, LuciaSacerdoti, DavidAusoni, SimonettaCampione, Marina + CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH - -
Differential expression of the five redox complexes in the retinal mitochondria or rod outer segment disks is consistent with their different functionality 2020 Caicci, FedericoManni, Lucia + FASEB BIOADVANCES - -
Inhibitory action of antidiabetic drugs on the free radical production by the rod outer segment ectopic aerobic metabolism 2020 Federico CaicciLucia Manni + ANTIOXIDANTS - -
Sclareol modulates free radical production in the retinal rod outer segment by inhibiting the ectopic f1fo-atp synthase 2020 Caicci F.Manni L. + FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY & MEDICINE - -
Spawning induction, development and culturing of the solitary ascidian Polycarpa mytiligera, an emerging model for regeneration studies 2020 Caicci F.Manni L. + FRONTIERS IN ZOOLOGY - -
Mouth opening is mediated by separation of dorsal and ventral daughter cells of the lip precursor cells in the larvacean, Oikopleura dioica 2020 Manni L. + DEVELOPMENT GENES AND EVOLUTION - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 163
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