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Examining crop root apparatus traits in a maize-soybean-winter wheat rotation under conservation agriculture management 2021 Ilaria PiccoliAntonio BertiFrancesco Morari + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY - -
How tillage systems and cover crops affect soil penetration resistance 2021 Felice SartoriIlaria PiccoliAntonio Berti - - EGU General Assembly 2021
Can long-term experiments predict real field n and p balance and system sustainability? Results from maize, winter wheat, and soybean trials using mineral and organic fertilisers 2021 Piccoli I.Sartori F.Polese R.Borin M.Berti A. AGRONOMY - -
Might long-term experiment outcomes predict real field nutrient balance? 2020 Ilaria PiccoliFelice SartoriMaurizio BorinAntonio Berti - - Proceedings of the 49th Conference of the Italian Society of Agronomy
Challenges and opportunities of Brassicaceous cover crop in Veneto region 2020 Felice SartoriIlaria PiccoliAntonio Berti - - Proceedings of the 49th National Conference of the Italian Society for Agronomy
Stakeholder perspectives to prevent soil organic matter decline in Northeastern Italy 2020 Nicola Dal FerroCarlo CamarottoIlaria PiccoliAntonio BertiFrancesco Morari + SUSTAINABILITY - -
Crop yield after 5 decades of contrasting residue management 2020 Piccoli I.Sartori F.Polese R.Berti A. NUTRIENT CYCLING IN AGROECOSYSTEMS - -
Organic carbon storage potential in deep agricultural soil layers: Evidence from long-term experiments in northeast Italy 2020 Dal Ferro N.Piccoli I.Berti A.Polese R.Morari F. AGRICULTURE, ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT - -
Weed infestation during the transition phase from conventional to conservation agriculture 2020 Felice SartoriIlaria PiccoliAntonio Berti + - - EGU2020
Impacts of long-term management strategies on the vertical distribution of SOC stock 2019 Nicola Dal FerroIlaria PiccoliFrancesco MorariAntonio Berti - - Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 21
Integrating SEBAL with in-field crop water status measurement for precision irrigation applications 2019 GOBBO, STEFANOMarco MartelloAntonio BertiFrancesco Morari + - - Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 21
Short-term climate change effects on maize phenological phases in Northeast Italy 2019 Berti A.Maucieri C.Bonamano A.Borin M. ITALIAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY - -
Fertimetro, a Principle and Device to Measure Soil Nutrient Availability for Plants by Microbial Degradation Rates on Differently-Spiked Buried Threads 2019 Concheri, G.Stevanato, P.Morari, F.Berti, A.Polese, R.Borin, M.Squartini, A. + SOIL SYSTEMS - -
LE ATTIVITÀ DEL PROGETTO QUINQUENNALE EUROPEO «RECARE - Come contrastare nei suoli la perdita di sostanza organica 2019 Francesco MorariNicola Dal ferroCarlo CamarottoIlaria PiccoliAntonio BertiFANTINATO, LUCIANO + L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO - -
Long-term effects of residues incorporation on Nitrogen use efficiency 2019 SARTORI, FELICEIlaria PiccoliRiccardo PoleseAntonio Berti - - Atti del XLVIII Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana Agronomia
Is the 7th year the turning point for SOC stabilization under conservation agriculture and cover crop practices? 2019 Carlo CamarottoIlaria PiccoliNicola Dal FerroRiccardo PoleseAntonio BertiFrancesco Morari + - - Atti del XLVIII Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana Agronomia
Chapter 2 - Deep Carbon sequestration in cropping systems 2019 Francesco MorariAntonio BertiNicola Dal FerroIlaria Piccoli - - Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 29
A participatory approach to combat the decline of soil organic matter in croplands 2018 dal ferro, nicolacamarotto, carlopiccoli, ilariaberti, antoniomorari, francesco + - - Soil Security and Planetary Health Conference
How shallow water table conditions affect N2O emissions and associated microbial abundances under different nitrogen fertilisations 2018 Squartini, A.Berti, A.GRIGNANI, CARLOMorari, F. + AGRICULTURE, ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 216
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