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Problematic gaming risk among European adolescents: a cross‐national evaluation of individual and socio‐economic factors 2022 Pivetta, ErikaCanale, NataleVieno, AlessioMarino, ClaudiaLenzi, MichelaBenedetti, Elisa + ADDICTION - -
How Communication Technology Fosters Individual and Social Wellbeing During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Preliminary Support For a Digital Interaction Model 2021 Canale N.Marino C.Lenzi M.Vieno A.Gaboardi M.Giraldo M.Cervone C. + JOURNAL OF HAPPINESS STUDIES - -
Factors Associated with Providers' Work Engagement and Burnout in Homeless Services: A Cross-national Study 2021 Lenzi M.Santinello M.Gaboardi M.Disperati F.Vieno A.Calcagni Antonio. + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY - -
Decreasing Youth Hyperactivity and Inattention Problems Through Mentoring: Evaluation of the Mentor-UP Program 2021 Marino C.Cardillo R.Canale N.Lenzi M.Bergamin M.Bonichini S.Santinello M. FRONTIERS IN EDUCATION - -
Structure and agency in capabilities-enhancing homeless services: Housing first, housing quality and consumer choice 2021 Lenzi M.Wolf J.Disperati F.Gaboardi M.Santinello M.Vieno A. + JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY & APPLIED SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Country-Level Meritocratic Beliefs Moderate the Social Gradient in Adolescent Mental Health: A Multilevel Study in 30 European Countries 2021 Lenzi M. + JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH - -
School climate as predictor of teachers’ capacity to meet the educational needs of adopted children in Italy 2020 Lenzi M.Santinello M. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INCLUSIVE EDUCATION - -
Can mentoring promote self-esteem and school connectedness? An evaluation of the mentor-up project 2020 Marino C.Santinello M.Lenzi M.Gaboardi M.Calcagni A.Altoe G. + INTERVENCIÓN PSICOSOCIAL - -
Consequential support: The effects of inequality awareness on the endorsement of redistributive policies 2020 Cervone C.Scatolon A.Lenzi M.Carraro L. PSICOLOGIA SOCIALE - -
Problematic social media use: Associations with health complaints among adolescents 2020 Marino C.Lenzi M.Canale N.Vieno A.Sciannameo V.Gaboardi M.Ranalli E.la Rocca M.Angelini P.Fridel M.Ferrando G.Ciallella M. L.Stingi D.Cernigliaro A.Ferro M. P.Cristofori M.Giovannini G.Bino E. + ANNALI DELL'ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITÀ - -
Sexual behaviour in 15-year-old adolescents: Insights into the role of family, peer, teacher, and classmate support 2020 Donati S.Berchialla P.Lenzi M. + ANNALI DELL'ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITÀ - -
Homeless Adults’ Recovery Experiences in Housing First and Traditional Services Programs in Seven European Countries 2020 Lenzi M.Disperati F.Gaboardi M.Santinello M.Vieno A. + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY - -
Protecting youth from gang membership: Individual and school-level emotional competence 2019 Lenzi, MichelaSantinello, Massimo + JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY - -
Protecting youth from gang membership: Individual and school-level emotional competence 2019 Lenzi M.Santinello M. + JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY - -
Sad music depresses sad adolescents: A listener’s profile 2019 Canale N.Lenzi M.Vieno A. + PSYCHOLOGY OF MUSIC - -
Self-reported recurrent pain and medicine use among 15-year-olds: Results from the HBSC Italian study 2019 Berchialla P.Lenzi M.Vieno A. + JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND HYGIENE - -
Emotion Regulation and Desire Thinking as Predictors of Problematic Facebook Use 2019 Marino ClaudiaCASELLI, GRAZIELLALenzi MichelaVieno Alessio + PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY - -
Social Inequality in Adolescent Life Satisfaction: Comparison of Measure Approaches and Correlation with Macro-level Indices in 41 Countries 2019 Lenzi, Michela + SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH - -
Goals and principles of providers working with people experiencing homelessness: A comparison between housing first and traditional staircase services in eight European countries 2019 Gaboardi M.Lenzi M.Disperati F.Santinello M.Vieno A. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Relative deprivation and disordered gambling in youths 2018 Canale, NataleLenzi, MichelaVieno, Alessio + JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH - -
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